Student Affairs Strategic Plan

September, 2013 updates from Initiative Groups

Oregon State University Division of Student Affiars, Strategic Plan Update: Initiatives 1-7

June, 2012 Reports from Initiative Groups

The following documents were presented at the June, 2012 Initiative Group Meeting.

Initiative 1--The Division of Student Affairs will ensure a high level of support to address the needs of OSU students and their famililies.

Initiative 2--The Division of Student Affairs will construct best practices in engagement and outreach to enhance student learning outcomes.

Initiative 3--The Division of Student Affairs will establish and sustain necessary resources to advance Division priorities.

Initiative 4--The Division of Student Affairs will develop communication strategies and infrastructures to engage and inform stakeholders.

Initiative 5--Division of Student Affairs employees will have the knowledge, awareness and skills to advance our mission and that of Oregon State University.

Initiative 6--The Division of Student Affairs will build and sustain a robust culture of data-based decision-making and planning.

Initiative 7--The Division of Student Affairs will instill and deepen a sense of belonging, connectedness, affection/love of place and each other throughout the OSU community.


The Strategic Leadership Team and the Student Affairs Leadership Team with input from departmental focus groups in 2010-2011 developed seven strategic initiatives for the Strategic Plan and various potential strategic activities.  These initiatives and potential recommended strategic activities were shared with the Division at the Annual Fall Division Meeting. A call for volunteers to work on Strategic Inititive Teams was also announced.

Strategic Initiative Planning Teams are meeting and beginning the process of developing strategic activities to make the Initiatives come to life.  A second meeting of all the Inititive Planning Teams will be scheduled in January, 2012, in order to receive updates from each group.  A third meeting of all initiative groups is on June 6, 2012 to provide updates and to begin discussion on actionable initiatives.



In the fall of 2010, Larry Roper, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, and the Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT) charged a team of individuals called the Strategic Leadership Team to develop a strategic plan for the Division of Student Affairs. With a framework entitled, Pursuing a Possibility-Rich Future, the plan will be informed by the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the division and focused on the strategic areas of:

  • Enrollment and Retention
  • Student Learning, Leadership, and Development
  • Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Budgets and Financial Resources
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Assessment and Research

Also charged was the Strategic Marketing Leadership Team with the responsibility to translate strategic planning decisions into appropriate messaging and create collateral materials to communicate the strategic plan.

The Student Affairs Strategic Planning Process presentatation was shared at the all-division meeting on September, 30, 2010. The goal was to have a draft of the new plan completed by the end of Spring of 2011.

In the development of the strategic plan, focus groups were conducted with the various departments within the Division of Student Affairs.  From these focus groups, common themes and activities were distilled.

The Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT) devoted a two day retreat in July, 2011 to:

  • Identify and refine strategic initiatives to guide the Division of Student Affairs for the next 3-5+ years.
  • Define why each strategic initiative was important to the success of the Division of Student Affairs and Oregon State University.
  • Identify potential strategic activities for each of the strategic initiatives.

This information will be presented to the Division of Student Affairs at the Fall, 2012, division meeting.