Service Awards and End-of-the-Year Celebration

In 1996, the Annual Service Awards and End-of-the-Year Celebration was created to uncover and recognize the contributions and achievements of the unsung heroines and heroes throughout the Division of Student Affairs. Division employees are encouraged to nominate or act in support of the nomination of a deserving colleague either from within their own or across departmental and job responsibility lines. Each year the Student Affairs Professional Development Team assumes the responsibility of super sleuthing all nominees and secretly selecting up to 14 individual and one group awardee.   

The single Collaborative Group Award honors a group or committee within the division that has functioned in a manner that models collaboration, energetic pursuit of a goal, and positive relationship functioning.

This all-inclusive May celebration remains a favorite community and relationship-building event for division employees.  We hope you enjoy reading about the extraordinary individual and group contributions in these “Statements of Wonderfulness” as much as we enjoy sharing them with you!


Nomination Criteria


  • goes above and beyond their position description daily,   
  •  finds ways to preserve, recognize and advance the human spirit,
  • has developed a new project or program or simplified some process, and
  • exemplifies and forward the six principles of the Campus Compact (see the Student Affairs “This is Our Anthem,” page 11, or visit Our Anthem.)

Collaborative Group Award

  • a group or committee made of people from more than one Student Affairs department whose membership includes people across department lines within the division and may include some from areas outside the division as well
  • collaborate with others
  • have made a visible impact on the campus
  •  is a group or committee to which the nominator does not belong

Service Award Recipients