Stephanie Duckett - Student Affairs Service Awards 2009-10

Statement of Wonderfulness

in Celebration of

Stephanie Duckett
Student Parent Advocate

It is my pleasure to recognize an outstanding employee of the “Community” cluster of Student Affairs. This individual was praised by co-workers as having the positive energy and vision of five people – working tirelessly for the benefit of others and placing a high value on moving our campus culture to one of a “Caring Campus Community.” Words used to describe this person include: Tenacious, Passionate, Leader, Celebrative and Caring.”

She is the co-chair of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women and in that role has spearheaded a study on Work Life Balance at OSU. For her outstanding contribution to Oregon State University, Student Affairs, and the department of Childcare and Family Resources, please join me in recognizing STEPHANIE DUCKETT.

Stephanie’s co-workers praise her for her dedication to helping others, especially OSU parents needing child care or those having family concerns. Stephanie worked to develop “Our Little Village,” a child care site in the Valley Library and serves as liaison with the three child care centers at OSU.

Stephanie is compassionate and caring and works diligently to try to find assistance for students who cannot afford child care. She is approachable and helpful and never hesitates to stop what she is doing to help a person in need.
One of Stephanie’s co-workers writes, “I would be surprised if Stephanie has ever just done her position description. She is available at all times to offer help or her perspective to whoever needs her advice…. she works tirelessly for families at all stages of life, providing information to help family members care for each other.

Another co-workers states, “As I read through the Campus Compact, there are two points that stand out to me that represent Stephanie. The first one is where ‘challenge and support fosters life-long learning.’ Student parents face challenges each and every day and Stephanie’s work supports those that are here at OSU. The second point is ‘a commitment to progress and positive change.’ Stephanie is advocating for and supporting OSU parents on a daily basis and works to ensure they are seen and heard. Stephanie’s work provides progress and positive change to the OSU campus, on behalf of student parents. Thanks to Stephanie, OSU will continue to be even more successful in becoming a “Family Friendly Campus.” I cannot think of a more deserving person to be recognized for her service to the students of Oregon State University.”

Thank you, Stephanie!

15th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 26, 2010