Scott Etherton - Student Affairs Service Award 2002-03

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of 

Scott Etherton
University Housing & Dining Services


He’s a mentor, a mediator, and a confidant, a leader and a role model.  He’s a celebrative, collaborative, multi-tasking bridge builder, with heart, integrity and grace.  These are the words used to describe Scott Etherton, Assistant Director of Residential Life for University Housing & Dining Services.  Scott is also currently the Interim Coordinator for the student conduct & mediation office.  He trains and supervises residence hall and cooperative directors, and deals with safety and security issues, coordinating with the Corvallis Fire Marshall on group living environment safety.  He has been working to develop a judicial review board for Residential Life, is involved with the Student Leadership Initiative, and a part of the Critical Incident Response Team.  He’s described as an extremely engaging Odyssey instructor, sharing a broad, insightful perspective on campus living.

He works LOTS of hours, being split between Residential Life and Conduct & Mediation.  He finds inventive ways of handling situations, always making sure not to miss a “teachable moment.”  He’s been known to stay on campus over night helping others deal with issues.  His true caring for students shows in his disciplinary dealings, where his approach to problem solving is always on development and education, rather than only implementing a penalty.

He interfaces with maintenance and other staff who have to deal with issues created by students’ behavior, sharing his knowledge and philosophy with the staff to help educate them about changing students, rather than just dealing out punishment.  No matter how full his schedule is he’ll never turn a person in need away.  He’s always got a word of encouragement for a coworker he knows has “stuff” going on.  During recent tough times of transition and shortages (both monetary and personnel) Scott stepped up to fill in the spaces, giving a feeling of “positiveness” and organization, when it could have been chaos.

Principled, and with great integrity, he makes sure every student is afforded due process, and their rights never compromised.  He is intentional and consistent in developmental areas, helping students see the affect their behavior has on the community, in a way that helps them grow.  He’s “compassionately procedural” said one supporter. 

He does it ALL without being crabby, consistently having an “I want to help this person” attitude.  His commitment shows in the balance between work and family that he achieves.  Though you’ll often notice an early morning or late night “time sent” on an email from him, Scott’s family is at the top of his priority list. 

His coworkers describe him as self disciplined, with a great sense of humor.  Quick to laugh, he puts others at ease, with humor that never puts anyone down, not even himself.  “He’s trustworthy, building a sense of trust through caring communication,” said one coworker.  Who he is on the inside, is who he is on the outside. 

Student Affairs and OSU are truly fortunate to have Scott as a part of our campus community.


8th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 21, 2003