MyDegrees Implementation Team Group Collaboration Award 2010-11

Division of Student Affairs Group Collaboration Award

presented to

MyDegrees Implementation Team

Members of the MyDegrees Implementation Team achieved an incredible milestone by implementing a sophisticated degree audit system on behalf of advisors, faculty, staff, and students.  This new technology will reshape the ways in which students will select and track degree requirements. In addition to supporting the information needs of more than 20,000 students and hundreds of academic advisors, MyDegrees will support the unique requirements of such groups as those responsible for NCAA certification, ROTC, Financial Aid, and E-Campus – all of which have specific degree tracking requirements. Each member of this group contributed significantly to the success of this project. Without their efforts to work collaboratively with departments, colleges, and advisors, successful completion and implementation of such an essential system would not have occurred.

Together, the eleven individuals who make up the MyDegrees Implementation Team have achieved outstanding results that will reshape how advisors and students interact in reviewing what is needed to graduate with a degree at OSU. Their contributions over this past year were Herculean in scope and effort. Countless hours were devoted to working closely with the campus, students, and each other to meet these essential institutional needs.

This group of talented and devoted individuals faced many challenges and always found a way to work through each obstacle with which they were confronted, without compromising the quality of their relationships or the quality of their effort. While many months of adjustments and improvements remain, the work completed to date represents a tremendous accomplishment that other OUS institutions look to replicate.

Members of this team and the approach they took to implement this project provides a model for how to do work of this kind across campus. Members of the group actively demonstrate how to listen to each other, how to utilize the gifts each member brings to the project, how to follow up on issues, and how to keep stakeholders engaged and informed. MyDegrees is now an outstanding tool for students because of the work of this group.

This group has earned the right to be called a team.  Their demonstration of collaboration, shared responsibility, commitment to a common goal and ability to stay focused on the desired outcome embody the attributes of a high functioning team. The MyDegrees Implementation Team models the values expressed in the Campus Compact by exhibiting discipline and inclusiveness.  To quote a member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, “MyDegrees is an example of how a project should be organized and implemented!”

Congratulations MyDegrees Implementation Team, on a job well done!

Mark Baldwin, Analyst/Programmer

Larry Bulling, Publications Coordinator

Amanda Champagne, Analyst/Programmer

Amy Flint, Assistant Registrar for Operations

Ray Grant, Virtual Information Executives

Colleen Halbrook, Degree Clearance Specialist

Tom Hartsook, Oracle Database Administrator

Nancy Laurence, Associate Registrar for Strategic Initiatives

Deborah Maguire, Analyst/Programmer

Martin Main, Analyst/Programmer

Andy Morgan, UNIX Systems Administrator

16th Annual Service Awards Celebration
May 24, 2011