Mary Lloyd-Rex - Student Affairs Service Award 2011-12

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Mary Lloyd-Rex
Program Representative


The Health & Wellness Alignment in the Division of Student Affairs is privileged to honor a colleague who retains an amazingly sunny sense of humor in a torrential workload and during the frequent stress storms working in Student Health Services. Compassionate, caring, collaborative, and confidante are only the first few expressions that coworkers use to describe the wonderfulness of Program Representative Mary Lloyd-Rex.

Mary’s work with the medical insurance plans for students is complex and often demanding. With unwavering dedication to the students, she tirelessly works to make sure that they are all covered correctly under the Oregon and Federal Insurance laws, correcting coverage issues within the Aetna system, and with external doctor offices billing systems.  A fierce advocate for students, she makes the time-consuming phone calls with outside providers, tenaciously working to correct an error so a student doesn’t end up in a collection process.

In addition to responsibilities for the enrollment and reporting of the student insurance, Mary educates students about what insurance really is for young people who have never had to deal with it on their own before.  She explains coverage and walks them through the intricacies of covered and non-covered services so they will be well educated health care consumers in the future.

Mary’s ability to perform with excellence while dealing with heart-breaking realities in the lives of some of our students represents the dynamic spirit of our Student Affairs values. Even in the most horrific of medical situations, Mary’s respectful manner, reliable knowledge base, and painstaking effort brings comfort and confidence to those who are coping with extraordinary issues. Her excellence in this area extends beyond our campus; recently she was called on to assist University of Oregon staff dealing with a tragic situation involving one of their international students.

We celebrate Mary for many reasons but her heroic effort to assist an international student obtain a much needed motorized chair deserves special accolade. Sensitive to preserve the student’s dignity and honor the student’s beliefs, Mary selflessly worked with vendors, the student, and the student’s family to the outstanding result of obtaining the equipment the student needed to safely navigate campus.

We commend and celebrate Mary for the work she does for others without requesting credit, for the extra miles she travels without question for students, for her easy, ready, steady humor, and for her leading in the development of a positive sense of community.


17th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 22, 2012