Marcey Bamba - Student Affairs Service Award 2002-03

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Marcey Bamba
University Counseling & Psychological Services


Marcey Bamba is the heart and soul of UCPS. She is a Licensed Psychologist & Outreach Coordinator in University Counseling and Psychological Services where she provides individual, couples, and group counseling.  Marcey coordinates outreach requests from around campus, communicating with students, staff, and faculty regarding their needs.  She provides training for pre-doctoral interns by supervising rotations, teaching seminars, and serving as consultant.  Marcey has been a strong advocate for developing collaborative relationships with other units across campus.  This work is above and beyond what is required of her and she does it because of her dedication to students and desire to see them succeed and flourish.

Marcey has been involved in many significant programs from the UCPS internal diversity committee where she is the chair to search committees.  She’s taken the lead in developing a Multicultural Liaison Team on the UCPS staff, with the purpose of reaching out to staff and faculty who work with diverse students.  She has done an exceptional job of articulating the mission for this team, and initiating discussions with professional colleagues around campus to ensure UCPS is providing service in the best way possible.

Marcey’s co-workers have good things to say about Marcey and her work style.  One co-worker says, “Marcey is a gem.  She has demonstrated she is the heart of our unit by her ‘step up-to-the-plate’ approach to her work.  She is wonderful in both being caring and at the same time attending to necessary tasks.  She is just a really sweet person.  There is no question that with her great clinical work she has made a tremendous difference in the lives of students.”  Another co-worker says “Marcey readily volunteers for additional tasks and she maintains her humor and warmth, even in the most stressful periods of each term.  She is caring and straightforward, providing feedback and support to her colleagues.  She is passionate about her work and this shows in her conscientiousness and calm style.” When asked to give one word to describe Marcey, co-workers Bert, Janet, Ellen, and Mariette used words like solid, real, and personable.  She is generous-in-spirit, caring, compassionate, and “a truly loving individual who pushes everyone to grow.” (Ok, that’s more than one).  I have been told the UCPS staff would like to clone Marcey! She is an example of UCPS at its best! 

Marcey has demonstrated the values of the Campus Compact by being purposeful and caring.  She cares about her work and her workplace. She believes in the work she does, holds out hope that it can make a difference, and wants to witness student success in all realms of their lives.  Marcey is disciplined -- she manages multiple demands on her time and sets limits accordingly, so that all of her work is the best that it can be.  Marcey is open – she keeps her open mind at all times -- listens to feedback, willingly considers alternative perspectives, and is open to change.  Marcey is just -- she believes in fairness and relies on her sound understanding of ethics and integrity to guide her decisions and her behavior.  And Marcey is celebrative -- she enjoys fun with her colleagues and expresses joy when students appear to be making positive changes.  In a nutshell, Marcey demonstrates the values of the Campus Compact every day of her life.

Marcey, the Division of Student Affairs celebrates your spirit of generosity! You are an admired and cherished colleague!


8th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 21, 2003