Lloye Liedtke - Student Affairs Service Award 1996-97

Lloye Liedtke


A 1997 Division of Student Affairs

Service Award Winner


Outstanding Service to the CSSA Program



When I arrived in the vice provost office for Student Affairs three years ago, this person was one of the first to make me feel welcome.  There was never a time when she would not drop what she was doing to answer a question or help me out.  It’s a nomination charactarized by her supervisor, Roger Penn, as “long overdue.”  

As the program assistant for CSSA, Lloye Liedtke is the sole support person for program chair and its graduate students.  Roger describes her as the “social glue” of the program -- that is, “her energy and commitment hold the lose pieces together.”  She is always available to assist individuals in nearly every aspect of the CSSA program, particularly with prospective and currently enrolled students.”  She works hard to build unity and a sense of community within the program.

Lloye demonstrates the values of the Campus Compact through her unrelenting commitment and hard work on behalf of the students she so fiercely believes in. She makes them feel that nothing is impossible.  She is cheerful and has the ability to see humor in the craziest of situations!  (She also keeps candy at her desk.)

The CSSA students give Lloye an A+!  They describe her as a person who:

  • immediately puts you at ease.
  • is caring and helpful
  • is an organizer and a cheerleader
  • provides accurate and honest information.
  • is diligent in addressing needs.
  • never forgets to ask how you are and show interest in you.

I’m pleased to present this well-deserved award to Lloye Liedtke of the CSSA program.


presented by,

Jodi Nelson

Student Affairs

June 12, 1997