Kathie Grimes - Student Affairs Service Award 2007-08

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Kathie Grimes
University Housing & Dining Services


A new word has been created to describe this award recipient from University Housing & Dining Services: Nononsensereliablededication. Some colleagues say it is an adjective, some say it’s an adverb. But all UHDS colleagues agree it is a synonym for one of their 2008 Student Affairs Service Award recipients, KATHIE GRIMES.

Kathie’s official title with her unit is Plumber. She is responsible for all facets of plumbing: Problem diagnosis, repairs, new systems designs, and installations. What that means to staff and students is that Kathie is on the job to install, unclog, and repair all of Housing and Dining’s pipes, toilets, sinks, and showers.  She is known for her dedication, reliability, productivity, and trustworthiness. Anyone who has ever suffered a cold-water shower or worse, faced off with a non-functioning public toilet, enthusiastically applauds a plumber with such awesome attributes.  Kathie is steadfastly determined that student residents and the dining halls will not be without water service or restroom necessaries.

Kathie’s reputation as an excellent plumber is enhanced by her sincerity and compassion. She is a respected leader of her crew which contributes to the success of moving the entire maintenance unit forward in reaching their objectives. Kathie played a significant role, showing great initiative and commitment, as a member of the Arnold chiller project planning and implementation committee.

A solid staff member that understands how important her work is to our students’ environmental quality of living, Kathie plunges into her work every day. Her heroic efforts to maintain the UHDS plumbing have involved snakes, traps, and chilling situations.

The Division of Student Affairs is proud to shower Kathie Grimes, Plumber Extraordinaire, with praise and appreciation for her dedication and service.


13th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 20, 2008