Judy McDaniel - Student Affairs Service Award 2007-08

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Judy McDanie
Greek Life


Judy is described as being the “guru of organization and the smiling and friendly concierge of the office”.  Her commitment to detail and preserving the history of the Greek community is invaluable. She is an integral part in maintaining positive relationships with students, staff, alumni and colleagues.

Judy is involved in every significant program the Office of Greek Life produces, from the matriculation ceremony to the fall orientation to the transition retreat. Judy provides a continuous voice for the Greek community when discussing needed support for this large group of students. She has contributed to moving forward the purchase of a new on-line data system to support the maintenance of records and data with the Student Leadership & Involvement Clubs & Organizations Committee. She has also contributed to the work of the Student Organization Advisors group to move forward an innovative model for relationships with clubs and organizations.

Judy is steadfast in her commitment to the details involved in her daily work.  She is timely, accurate, warm, responsive, and when needed, can be the stern surrogate mother who helps students to rise to the levels they are capable of.  She provides extra service to warn them away from missing deadlines and reporting obligations.

Judy is a trusted confidant to the students, many Greek women and men return time and time again to connect with Judy to move forward the story of their lived experiences. She listens with intent and pride knowing that the Office of Greek Life contributed to the very being of these individuals; nurturing, challenging, educating and supporting each and every one.

Some words that colleagues use to describe Judy are ultra-committed, sincere, trustworthy, organized, caring, just, purposeful, and open.

Judy has provided a positive outlook no matter what the challenges, through the numerous reorganizations, relocations, and downsizing. She has continued to be committed to justice, compassion, and creating environments for the success of her colleagues, the students, and the program. She truly shows respect for everyone who walks through the door while exhibiting a standard of care for people.

 Judy has provided exceptional support to the Greek Community in her varied roles over the years. Her commitment to students is evident in the passion in her voice as she tells stories of her relationship to the work and to the students. Judy is an amazing woman who gives of her time and talent in an unselfish way. Without question, Greek Life would be greatly diminished if Judy were not here. In this, her final year, she is most deserving of being recognized for her verve in delivering quality support to this large group of students.  


13th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 20, 2008