Iva Wilson

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Iva Wilson
Memorial Union


Iva has been nominated by her peers within the Memorial Union because of her commitment to her job as the MU Payroll Coordinator and her commitment to the Memorial Union and Oregon State University.  She continually models the philosophy and work ethic of the MU, Educational Activities, Student Leadership and Recreational Sports with her every-day actions.

Iva coordinates all of the payroll activities for the Memorial Union, Educational Activities, Student Leadership, and Recreational Sports, a total of approximately 900 employees.  She works with the OSU Human Resource Department to resolve all HR actions in a very effective and efficient manner.  It’s truly amazing to see what she can get done – she has excellent follow up skills and always finds a way to get things done faster than normal.

Iva was instrumental in the installation and training for the new time clock system, which has been a great success.  She continues to look for improvements for the system – helping to develop a new process that will be used across all departments within OSU.  She contributes hours of testing time for the HR/OSCAR programs. Iva’s commitment to the payroll process has resulted in getting everyone paid correctly and on-time, not an easy thing to do considering the processes that must be followed.  The birthday celebrations that Iva organizes are considered the best on campus! 

Following are short terms used to describe Iva:  our life saver, patient (which is short for long suffering with a smile), dedicated, outstanding, caring, conscientious, determined, open and warm, displays a serene countenance and celebrative (month-long celebration of her birthday!).

Iva also demonstrates the values of the Campus Compact in the following manner:

She upholds her responsibilities to the organization and its people.  She keeps everyone informed about processes or information that they will need or find relevant.  She sets the standard high in her expectations of others—this is a good thing, as it challenges the rest of the staff to meet that high standard.  She practices an ethic of care that is exceptional.  She always notices when someone else needs to be supported, whether it’s coordinating the contribution of leave to someone with a medical emergency, or someone who just needs to be acknowledged because they’ve done something good or passed a milestone in their service. 

She simply believes that thinking of others needs is a delightful activity.

It is with great pride that this Student Affairs Award for service excellence goes to Iva Wilson.


13th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 20, 2008