Feature Stories

Joy Jorgensen had to choose between her daughter and grandchildren.

Each term, Clare Cady receives 1,200 applications for food/housing assistance.

Beth Wasylow counsels students to believe in themselves with with hearts and minds.

Melissa Yamamoto says leadership is a process, not a title.

Kami Hammerschmith’s collection tells story of heartbreak and renewal.

After years of searching, Dave Warneking found a job that saved him.

After Shelley Griffiths' mother passed away, two friends--one of them with four legs--entered her life.

When Jo Alexander’s son was born deaf, she became an advocate who wouldn’t take no for an answer. She now directs a program to assist students who cannot hear.

Victor Zamora’s parents accomplished what they set out to do when they hiked through the desert from Mexico. All four of their children have gone to college.

Josh Norris, director of the Adventure Leadership Institute, uses the outdoors to teach lessons in life.