Diane McGowan - Student Affairs Service Award 2001-02

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Diane McGowan


Diane is the manager of the nursing department at Student Health Services.  She took over as nursing manager several years ago and has led this very important division of Student Health Services through many staff changes and building remodels.  She has done these things in such a way that the nursing staff at Student Health Services has maintained absolute excellence in the caring and treatment of their patients. 

Diane leads a team of nurses who provide quality and caring services to students with health needs.  These nurses often serve as surrogate moms for students who are ill and away from home.  The quality of the nurses is attributed the individual hiring them, and that individual is Diane.  On top of hiring skilled staff members, Diane has also been an integral member of the Student Health Services leadership team as well as being involved in TQM (quality control) and the yearly Red Cross blood drive.  Juggling a relentlessly time consuming schedule, Diane still maintains an “open door” policy where she is constantly interrupted while working paper work at her desk.  Even threw all of her interruptions, she maintains her calm, patient, and attentive disposition.

Diane’s twenty plus years of service to the SHS and to the students of Oregon State University have not gone unnoticed.  Diane has been the “heart” of the nursing department because of her heart – for students, for all team members, for quality work and fairness.  Diane is also a natural entertainer.  She spreads her humor, laughter, and smiles throughout the workplace creating a pleasant environment to arrive to everyday.  A colleague spoke of her by saying how, “she is one of the members of our staff who gives to each of us individually, and to the group as a whole, a sense of enjoyment and commitment to our work as a healing institution.  She is good therapy for what ails us and our patients.” 

By the retirement of Diane McGowan in June 2002, she will be leaving an irreplaceable void.  Diane will be sorely missed by the staff of Student Health Services and by the many students she impacted on the OSU campus.  Diane exemplifies the values of the Campus Compact by helping create a purposeful, disciplined, open, caring, just and celebrative community every day. Her charm and compassion permeate into the hearts of all those she touches.

When asking fellow co-workers what descriptive words they would use to describe Diane’s character, the words: fun, delightful, hilarious, unselfish, fair, and refreshing were used.  Diane was also termed by a colleague as being, “A happy go lucky kid wearing manager’s shoes!”  She will truly be missed!


7th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
June 5, 2002