Debby Widony - Student Affairs Service Award 2008-09

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Debby Widony
Assistant to the Dean of Student Life


Purposeful in her work, celebrative in acknowledging and appreciating colleagues, going beyond just the scope of her job; just in applying University policies --- and yet with a heart and soul that is caring and dedicated --- Debby demonstrates the best of Student Affairs service providing a “one stop” shop for students and/or parents that often have exhausted other avenues of support.

Debby has a heart bigger than Texas and works tirelessly to care for students in a way that takes care of them emotionally, academically and holistically.  Expertly binding the elements of Student Life together she applies deft professional skill juggling the needs of the most sensitive student, the most serious legal issue, and the most complex situation.  All while smiling!

The programs of Veterans Services, the Critical Response Team, Bias Response Team, and professional development for Student Life units have additionally been blessed with Debby’s superstar level of reflective and thoughtful work.

Debby is the lifeblood of support for the Office of Dean of Student Life and all OSU students, Student Affairs colleagues, administrative units and a never-ending cast of colorful characters.  A wonderful listener with a big heart she is the glue that holds Student Life together.   

Thank you, Debby; expert at caring and resource referral, for all you do to acknowledge the efforts of others and the energy and positivity you bring daily to OSU.



14th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 19, 2009