Connie Braaten - Student Affairs Service Award 1998-99

Connie Braaten

Student Affairs Service Award


Some consider the Memorial Union to be the “heart” of Oregon State University.  If so, then Connie Braaten is the “core” of the heart. She has a servant’s heart that is demonstrated by her genuine desire to do anything she can to be helpful to students and staff. Connie is described by her colleagues and supervisor as a conscientious person who is always positive.  She will do whatever she can to help ensure the success of those she assists.

Connie is also fun and creative as noticed by those who visit her work area. Some of Connie’s interests include the restoration and showing of a vintage automobile with her husband.  She also enjoys her craftwork as she creates beautifully detailed miniature scenes.  And as her colleagues can attest, there is no bigger fan of the movie Titanic than Connie.

When asked to use one word to describe Connie, her colleagues said, “caring!”  They continued, “She inquires daily about your health and about issues you may be dealing with, and she actually listens to your responses and absorbs information you are giving her. She will wish you a good day as she leaves you.”

Connie is dedicated to continuous learning and personal development. She is an excellent student of the Conversational Skills Program and a role model for her colleagues and peers. In addition, Connie has provided leadership for the university by establishing and coordinating a regular noon-time conversation skills group gathering.  She has helped to create an environment that meets the needs of many.

Connie treats students, staff, community members, and family as individuals, without placing them into vague generalizations. In her commitment to provide excellent service and in her genuine honesty and dedication, Connie shows us everyday the principles of an Open, Just, Caring and Celebrative community in action.


May 25, 1999