Barry Evans - Student Affairs Service Award 2008-09

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Barry Evans
Recreational Sports


Caring, Open, Just, Purposeful, Disciplined…. are some of the words used to describe the winner of the 2009  Student Affairs Award from Recreational Sports.

This person is intent on developing any person he interacts with so they can grow as people and improve themselves.  He is also interested in self-development in that he is working towards finishing his undergraduate degree.  His nominator states:  “He consciously and considerately reaches outside himself and outside the parameters of the job to ‘make it personal’ every day.”

This young man’s job description of “General Maintenance Mechanic” does not fully represent how much Dixon Recreation Center is improved because he’s part of the team. If you have not guessed already, this gentleman is . . . BARRY EVANS!!

Barry, did you know that nine people are in support of your nomination for this award?  The individual who nominated you said that any one of these nine people were willing to make the nomination themselves!  You are admired and respected by your co-workers and you deserve to be!

Barry has been instrumental in the development of the “Re-Rev” program which provides sustainable energy by hooking up exercise equipment so that the users create energy.  He has also been involved in the weight room expansion.

Barry has worked on the Safety Committee, Work Groups and anything supporting students.  Barry will help with any event or task force.  He’ll even flip burgers, if that’s what’s needed.

Barry will be attending the NIRSA (National Intramural Recreational Sport Assn.) Conference and has solicited input from various individuals as to what information they would like him to bring back from the Conference.

With someone as special as Barry, one word, of course, does not fully describe him.  His nominators boiled it down to three: 

Authentic, Genuine and Comfortable.  Congratulations, Barry!


14th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 19, 2009