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Departmental Assessment

Student Affairs Assessment Plans and Reports

In 2008 the Division of Student Affairs began to post assessment plans and reports on a website available to anyone within the Division.  The plans and reports are reviewed by Student Affairs Assessment Council members in teams of two or three.  Feedback is provided to units both orally and in writing using a rubric designed by the Council.  This is done in an effort to continually improve our assessment work.

Peer review assignments for 2013-2014

Student Affairs Assessment Formats and Examples

Assessment Plans and Reports online

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Assessment Report Summaries

Student Affairs Research and Evaluation Assessment Survey Results

Student Affairs Research and Evaluation Annual Reports

Student Affairs Department/Unit Reviews and Accreditation

For many years departments in the Division of Student Affairs have undergone reviews of their work by both internal to OSU teams and teams composed of experts external to OSU.  Additionally both the Student Health Services and the Counseling and PsychologicalServices departments are accredited by national/international organizations as well as specialized accreditation for units within those organizations.

Schedule of accreditation reviews of Counseling and Psychological Services and Student Health Services