Anne LaPour - Student Affairs Service Awards 2009-10

Statement of Wonderfulness

in Celebration of

Anne LaPour
Career Services

Dedicated, supportive, humble, extremely hard working, professional, friendly, superb ambassador and as having an excellent sense of humor – these words are used by co-workers to describe the individual awarded the 2010 Service Award for Career Services. Please join me in celebrating Anne LaPour.

As a Career Counselor and Career Development Coordinator, Anne counsels students, consults with faculty, supervises graduate students, and coordinates the training and development of our student workers. She is also a vital member of the Career Services Leadership Team.

Additionally, Anne is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships, as well as providing leadership and training on career development throughout the University, with our participating employers, and the broader OSU community.

Anne’s co-workers write: “Anne implemented a workshop for first-year students about how Career Services benefits them now through graduation. Anne has improved the delivery of career development services for the whole OSU community through her high standards and energetic approach. She has stepped up to write and coordinate the assessment plan for Career Services. We have benefited from her keen intellect and willingness to learn all she can about the process. She has a way of drawing others into the process that feels welcoming and fun.”

Anne is devoted to the Life Skills development of all OSU students. She continually goes the extra mile for students, alumni and faculty/staff. She is compassionate with students, while at the same time empowers them to take control of their student, career and life development.

It is indeed an honor to know and work with such a dedicated professional who possesses the perfect combination of leadership skills, student and career development knowledge, energy and initiative, and people skills. She always exceeds expectations, but never calls attention to herself or boasts. Everyone who comes in contact with her gives her glowing remarks. She treats everyone with respect.

In one word, Anne is described as AWESOME! Thank you, Anne, for your excellent service to Oregon State University, Student Affairs and Career Services!

15th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 26, 2010