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Oregon State University


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Team Liberation will custom design workshops for the participant group to match the group's needs and goals, based upon interviews with the group organizer and using the knowledge and experience of the facilitators involved.

Our workshops, training, and facilitations provide the following:

  • Communication and Relationship Building. An initial goal of human relations facilitations is to create a safe and supportive environment conducive to open and honest dialogue.
  • Raising Awareness. With the proper atmosphere created, a facilitation or workshop can encourage participants to expand their awareness of the impact of different social circumstances on individuals and groups.
  • Education and Training. Workshops can also challenge participants' assumptions about individuals and groups. It also provides opportunities to develop new strategies for care in daily interactions.
  • Consensus/Buy-In and Community Development. Finally, group facilitation works to aid group members in recognizing and actively valuing each others' contributions to the shared environment. This layer can include development of group goals and action plans.

To Requesst a Process Interview and Workshop

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Or call us at 541 737-9857 to discuss the needs of your group.