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Faculty Senate President-Elect Candidate

MINA McDANIEL (at OSU since 1983) Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, College of Agricultural Sciences.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Agricultural Sciences Senator, 1994-02 and 1989-92; Executive Committee, 1990-93; Administrative Appointments Committee, 2002-present (Chair 2003-04); Graduate Council, 1994-95; Academic Regulations Committee, 1990-91 (Chair); and Academic Requirements Committee, 1987-90 (Chair 1989-90).

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES SERVICE: Food Resources, 1989-91; Scholarship Committee, 1988-91; Awards Committee, 1987-94; and Core Curriculum Committee.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Faculty Associate in the Office of the Provost, 1990-91; Faculty Women's Network Steering Committee, 1988-93; and Women's Center Board of Directors, 1988-90.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: OSU President, 2003; Food Science & Technology Department Head, 1989-90 (Chair); College of Agricultural Sciences Dean, 1988; and College of Agricultural Sciences Associate Dean, 1987.

Candidate Statement: It will be particularly important for the next few years for the faculty's representative body to work closely with the new university president as OSU's Strategic Plan is shaped and implemented. A large number of faculty and staff have devoted hours of their time over and above their routine duties to ensure that we have a strong voice in the university's future. I believe in the faculty as vital stakeholders in this institution. It would be an honor to facilitate faculty communication with each other and with the administration.

What will be the critical issues for faculty over the next two years and how can you help move those issues forward on their behalf? How has your experience prepared you for this position?

Relentless de-funding of Oregon's public educational institutions has dropped us to the bottom of most national indexes of resources allocated to each student's K-16 education. As enrollments grow and funding drops, our workloads unavoidably swell and the quality of our work is eroded. I don't want to hear another administrator tell us to do more with less, as if it were an opportunity rather than an insult. And to add injury to insult, our salaries are non-competitive and our access to earned faculty benefits has been thrown into the courts. I have served in the Senate, on Senate Executive Committee, as chair of various Senate committees, and I spent a year in the upper administration as Faculty Associate to Provost Graham Spanier. I enjoy bringing people together and helping groups be productive. And, having been an OSU undergraduate, I actually know the words to the Alma Mater.