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2005 Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Senator

ANGELO GOMEZ (at OSU since 1996), Professional Faculty, Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity.

FACULTY SERVICE: Associated Faculty Senator, 1999-01 and Executive Committee, 2001-03.

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Strategic Initiative Faculty Advisory Panel Chair, 2004-05; Omega Delta Phi Advisor, 2003-present; University Scholarship Committee, 2002-04; President's Council, 2002-03; President's Commission on the Status of Women, ex-officio, 2001-present; Cooperative Learning Group Facilitator, 2001-03; Senior Instructor Tenure Issue Group, 2001-02; Advisory Committee for Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez, 2000-present; Promise Program Committee, 2000-present; University Admissions Criteria Group, 2000-05; Student Affairs Administrative Response Team I, 2000-05; May 30 Diversity Group, 2000-02; University Scholarship Task Force, 2000-01; Association of Faculty for the Advancement of People of Color, 1999-present; Students of Color Recruitment and Retention Committee, 1999-01; Athletics ADA committee, 1999-01; TEAM Task Force, 1999; Faculty Advisor to Men Against Rape, 1998-00; University Advisory Committee on Persons with Disabilities (UACPD), 1996-present; UACPD Building Sub-Committee, 1996-02; and President's Commission on Hate Related Activities, 1996-99.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: President Search Committee, 2003; Facilities Operations Manager, 2002; Head Advisor for OSU Cascade Campus, 2001; Dean of College of Forestry, 1999; Executive Assistant to VP for Finance and Administration,1999; and Casa Educacional Coordinator, 1997.

Candidate Statement: I am interested in the welfare of faculty and the University. I have broad experience with the workings of the University, mostly administrative, but also teaching, and enjoy positive working relationships across the University. I can and will serve as a forceful advocate in representing the faculty and am committed to doing so. I will take this role seriously.

Over the next two years, what critical issues for faculty will be best addressed through IFS and how can you help move those issues forward on their behalf?

The most critical issue facing faculty is maintaining quality of work and life given that we are continuously being asked to do more with less. This is an issue common to the faculty, administration, staff and students at all the state schools. We all have a stake in it. I can help by being a force to align the varying interests so that we address this issue with a common and more powerful voice. We need to capitalize on the Governor's renewed emphasis on higher education. The strength that I bring to this issue is the ability to bring people with diverse perspectives into alignment.