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2002 Elections

December 2002

WILLIAM A. BOGLEY (at OSU since 1990), Professor, Department of Mathematics, College of Science; Visiting Faculty, University Honors College (2002-03).

FACULTY SENATE: Science Senator, 1999-present, and University Honors College Council, 1999-present (Chair, 2001-present – carries ex-officio membership with the Honors Board of Regents).

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Loyd Carter Award Selection Committee, 1998, and Faculty Advisory Committee, 2001-present.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Undergraduate Education Council, 2001-present.

Candidate Statement: The Oregon State University community is multi-faceted, but it is also extremely interdependent. Working with the Department of Mathematics and the University Honors College, units that involve people from throughout the university, I have seen the necessity to acknowledge priorities that lie both within and beyond the local environment. This broad perspective would be foremost in my mind as a member of the Executive Committee. In that capacity I anticipate working with the administration to foresee consequences of evolving priorities and to coordinating faculty input in support of efforts by the University System to retrieve legislative, gubernatorial, and popular support.

* * * * * * * * * *


JAMES C. FOSTER (at OSU since 1985), Professor, Department of Political Science; OSU-Cascades Campus, 2002-present.

FACULTY SENATE: Liberal Arts Senator, 1995-98 and 2002-present; Executive Committee, 1997-98; Baccalaureate Core Committee, 1989-93 (Chair 1991-93); and Bylaws Committee, 1988-90 (Chair 1989-90).

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS: Department Chair, Political Science, 1990-02; Faculty Council, 2000-02 (President, 2001-02); Budget Committee, 1986-88 and 1995-97; Personnel Committee, 1990-92; and Student Review & Appeals Committee, 1989-90.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Center for the Humanities Program Advisory Board, 1994-96, Screening subcommittee for External Fellows applicants, 1994-95; Community Resource Education Consortium Task Force, 1994-95; "Can We Talk?/Welcome to Our World" program organizing committee and participant (program designed to orient new Oregon State University students to issues of diversity and responsible speech), June & September, 1994-97; Affirming Diversity/Difference, Power & Discrimination Advisory Committee, 1990-96; President's Commission on the Status of Women, 1987-1990; Women Studies Advisory Board, 1990-92; 1996-98; Women Studies Certificate Committee, 1987-91 (Chair 1989-91); and Child Care Advisory Committee, 1986-90.

SEARCH COMMITTEE: Office Specialist in Women Studies and Difference, Power and Discrimination offices, 1996.

Candidate Statement: OSU faculty are facing extraordinary challenges. State funding continues to erode, we're embarking on a search for a new President, and we're attempting to reinvent ourselves through OSU-2007. Simultaneously, we pursue our teaching, scholarship, and service. Throughout my career at OSU, I have sought to balance my academic responsibilities with being a good University citizen. I have built a record of broad participation, administrative experience, commitment to diversity, and innovation. My University citizenship is grounded in principled advocacy and collegial relationships. I will bring my record, and these qualities, to service on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.

* * * * * * * * * *


ILENE KLEINSORGE (at OSU since 1987), Associate Professor, Department Chair, Accounting, Finance, and Information Management, College of Business.

FACULTY SENATE: Business Senator, 2002-present; Faculty Grievance Committee, 2001-02; and Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee, 2001-present.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: University External Review Committee, 2002; OSU-2007 CIPT3 Satellite Group, 2002-present; University Student Conduct Committee, 1988-92, and 1996-00 (Chair, 1992-95); and Health Care Advisory Council, 1991-present.

COLLEGE OF BUSINESS: Executive Committee, 1992-00, and 2001-present; Initial Draft AACSB Report for the Accounting Program, 1998; Peer Review Committee, 1992-93, and 1994-99; Faculty Awards Committee, 1992-96; Graduate Program Committee, 1993-95, ex-officio 1995-98; Quality Council, 1993-95; IBM TQM Grant Committee, 1992-95; Faculty Activities Plan Committee, 1992; Affirmative Action Committee, 1991-92; and Public Relations and Awards Committee 1989-90 (Chair, 1990-91).

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Director of Student Conduct, 1994; Vice Provost for Finance and Administration, 1996; College of Business Dean, 2001-present; Director of Budgets, College of Business, 1998 and 2000; and Director of MBA Program, 1996. Annually I have served on at least two faculty search committees for College of Business faculty since 1995, and served as chair to at least one per year.

Candidate Statement: My work in administration, teaching, research, and service has provided me an opportunity to listen to people from varied schools, programs, and services. I have heard them describe what they are most proud of and what needs to change in order for them to do a higher quality of work. I have seen the enterprise from both the faculty and administrative perspectives and feel I have a sense of the organization as a whole. As a member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, I will consider issues from a systems perspective and hope to make a valuable contribution.

* * * * * * * * * *


MAGGIE NIESS (at OSU since 1980), Professor, Department of Science and Mathematics Education; Director of Science & Mathematics Teacher Preparation, College of Science.

FACULTY SENATE: Science Senator, 1999-present and 1994-95; Graduate Admissions Committee, 1999-present (Chair, 2000-02); Administrative Appointments Committee, 2002-05; Graduate Council, 2000-02; Past Presidents Council, 1998-present); Bylaws and Nominations Committee, 1999-00 (Chair); Faculty Senate President, 1998 (president-elect, 1997; past president, 1999); Executive Committee, 1995–99; Assessment of Teaching Task Force, 1996-98 (Chair); Advancement of Teaching Committee, 1994-96; Instructional Media Committee, 1992-94; and Curriculum Council, 1989-91.

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Deans Advisory Committee, 1999-present; Department Chair, Science and Mathematics Education, 1991-00; Teaching Awards Committee, 1999; and Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1996.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: President’s Commission on the Status of Women, 2002-present; Design Team for Education at OSU, 2000-01; Graduate Admissions Task Force, 2000-01; University Scholarship Committee, 2000-01; University Accreditation Steering Committee, 2000-01; University NCAA Accreditation Committee, 2000-01; Budget Allocations Work Group, 1998-99; Undergraduate Education Committee, 1998-99; Athletic Advisory Committee, 1997-99 (Chair, 1997-98); President’s Cabinet, 1998-99; Technology Fee Distribution Committee, 1995-97; Instructional Technology Innovation Center Advisory Board, 1993-95; Commencement Marshal, 1989-present; Interdisciplinary Task Force of President’s Long Range Plan, 1986-87; and University Computer Committee, 1984-91 (Chair, 1984-86).

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Director of Budget & Fiscal Planning, 2002; Screening Committee for Interim Dean of College of Science, 1999-00; Director of SMILE, 1999-00; and Director of Summer Session and Precollege Programs, 1996-97.

Candidate Statement: Active faculty governance is critical in shaping OSU for the demands of the 21st century. OSU 2007, budget reductions, and now a search for a new university president present significant challenges requiring active faculty participation. I am excited by the challenges for the Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate in assuring that faculty voice is included in the decision-making. I would bring to the Executive Committee, a broad perspective of the growth of the University through over 20 years of service - service that has fostered a passion for the importance of faculty working WITH administration for a stronger university.

* * * * * * * * * *


FREDERICK W. OBERMILLER (at OSU since 1974), Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, and Adjunct Professor, Department of Rangeland Resources, College of Agricultural Sciences.

FACULTY SENATE: Agricultural Sciences Senator, 1999-present; Administrative Appointments Committee, 1998-present (Chair, 2000-present); Curriculum Council, 1997-98; Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1987-91; Undergraduate Admissions Committee, 1986-87; Faculty Reviews and Appeals Committee, 1983-86 (Chair, 1985-86); D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Award Committee, 1983; and Faculty Economic Welfare Committee, 1977-79 (Chair, 1978-79).

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES: Student Advancement Administrative Committee, 2001-present; Student Recruitment and Marketing Subcommittee, 2000-present (Chair); Awards Committee for Outstanding International Service, 1993; Curriculum Council, 1983-89; Semester Conversion Committee, 1987-89; and Conference Days Awards Committee, 1984-86.

EXTENSION SERVICE: Representative to OSU Office of International Research and Development, 1990-91; National Public Policy Education Committee, 1989-91; Extension Committee on Policy (ECOP) Community Resource Development Subcommittee, 1977-79; and Editor, OSU Extension Service Community Development Newsletter, 1976-77.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Undergraduate Education Council, 1999-02; Advisory Board, Oregon Water Resources Research Institute, 1994-96; Student Information System Council, 1988-91; Faculty Coordinator, Warm Springs Indian Reservation Presidential Council, 1991; and OSU/Oregon Department of Economic Development Task Force, 1976.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Numerous County Extension Agent and Faculty search committees over the past 28 years at OSU; others include CEO for the OSU Foundation Committee, 2002; Dean of Distance and Continuing Education, 2001; Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, 2000; and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, 2000.

Candidate Statement: Over the years I have observed the workings of several administrations and have been exposed to an array of governance issues. As a member of the Executive Committee I will bring my knowledge and experience to bear on matters affecting faculty welfare, particularly the issue of participatory governance. Separation of administration from the faculty and staff who collectively serve the needs of our most important clientele-our students-has little merit. Through unified governance we may better achieve our goals of excellence in student education and strong external support from our Chancellor, Legislature, and the citizens of Oregon.

* * * * * * * * * *


SUSAN M. SHAW (at OSU since 1996), Assistant Professor, Director of Women Studies, College of Liberal Arts.

FACULTY SENATE: Liberal Arts Senator, 2000-present; Committee on Committees, 2001-02; Difference, Power, and Discrimination Task Force, 1999-00; and Baccalaureate Core Committee (ex-officio), 1999-02.

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS: MAIS Self-Study Committee, 2001-02; Curriculum Committee, 1999-00; and Thomas R. Meehan Excellence in Teaching Award Selection Committee, 2000-02.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Interim Director of the Difference, Power, and Discrimination Program, 1999-02; OSU-2007 Steering Committee and Co-Chair of Student Experience Core Planning Team, 2002-present; Athletic Advisory Board, 1998-present (Chair 2001-present); NCAA Accreditation Steering Committee and Chair of the Equity Subcommittee, 2000-01; President’s Commission on the Status of Women, 1997-present; Women’s Center Advisory Board, 1997-02; Women’s Center Advisory Board Assessment and Strategic Planning Committee, 1997-98 (Chair); Gender and Minority Equity in Athletics Task Force, 2001; Women in International Development Council, 1998-00; and UNIFEM Board of Directors, 1998-00.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Difference, Power, and Discrimination Program Director, 2002, and Women in International Development Director, 1998.

Candidate Statement: My work here has afforded me the opportunity to become acquainted with faculty and faculty issues across many departments and colleges. The Faculty Senate provides a dynamic and essential venue for faculty to voice concerns and develop initiatives that address the welfare of faculty (individually and collectively) and the University as a whole. In particular, I hope to bring to the Executive Committee a perspective that is especially attentive to issues of difference and justice and contributes to the Senate’s ongoing efforts to help Oregon State University be an academically excellent, welcoming, equitable, and just environment for students, faculty, and staff alike.

* * * * * * * * * *


REBECCA L. WARNER (at OSU since 1990), Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts.

FACULTY SENATE: Liberal Arts Senator 1999-present, 1997-98, 1993-95; Task Force on Post-tenure Review, 1997-98; and Special Services Committee of the Faculty Senate 1992-94, Chair, 1993-94.

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS: Curriculum Committee, 2002-present; Budget Committee, 1999-01; Chair, Department of Sociology, 1995-00; and Personnel Committee, 1995-97 and 1992-94 (Chair, 1993-94).

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Provost and Executive Vice-President, 2000; Dean of the Graduate School, 2001; Dean, College of Liberal Arts, 1994; and Chair, Department of Ethnic Studies, 1996.

Candidate Statement: I agreed to run for election to the Executive Committee as I am a strong supporter of faculty governance. Especially during times of fiscal stress, the voices of faculty must be central in university decision-making. Over the past twelve years I have served in a variety of roles that have given me an appreciation for the diversity in faculty experiences at OSU. I hope to bring this appreciation to the work of the EC.