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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » May 29, 2003

Library Committee

May 29, 2003

Members: Mark Edwards, Larry Landis, Barbara Gartner, Dianne Erickson, Bob Rost, Heidi Brayman Hackel

Student member: Katie Cunnion

Ex-Officio: Karyle Butcher

Guests: Bonnie Allen, Richard Brumley

Karyle: Discussed what pursuing outside funding for ARL might involve. We want to look like a top research library, i.e., an ARL library. We’ll probably not meet all criteria for ARL like 90K volume count, but we have other strengths, (i.e., Pauling, History of Science collections), that make us unique. The criteria should change soon to reflect new avenue trends in research. All in all, our focus will continue to be supporting the institution, if this brings us to ARL so be it. But supporting the institution is the way we’ll build volume count, staffing, and other the other related ARL criteria.

Bonnie/Richard: Shared collections with UofO and other nearby libraries. We’re starting with selected journals with the idea to eventually share the whole journal collection. We’ll begin with the hard copy journals and work out the details for electronic journals later when licenses issued are worked out. The transport will be accomplished by a dedicated shuttle between the libraries. Bound journals issues: we circulate, they don’t, they’re changing so that both libraries have the same rules on journals use. The goal of the project is to save money and provide a more diverse collection. Right now, we have four libraries ninety miles apart that duplicate $1million in journals.

Some ideas for next year’s committee

  1. The committee should monitor these upcoming campus changes in plan 2007 - and the budget.
  2. We should invite the new president to talk, but during the screening process ask the candidates what they’ve done for libraries at their universities. (Mark will collect ideas for questions to ask candidates.)
  3. We may want to arrange a meeting with our counterparts at UofO to discuss the shared collections and other issues.
  4. We should find ways to ensure students are involved in the library.
  5. We can ask students what/how to use the library.
  6. Use internal, targeted, surveys from the faculty and students to gauge library use/needs, and to help identify the important needs

Note: ASOSU wants to get someone on committee.

Notes by Kevin Bokay