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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » April 27, 2000

Library Committee

April 27, 2000

Attending:  Landis, Horne, Judd, Twohy, Brayman Hackel, Beach, Yu, Butcher, Allen
Absent:  Armer, Larson, Rubert

Review of Minutes - one change noted to minutes of March 30, otherwise, the Minutes were approved as written. Discussion of Faculty Use of Library Study Carrels - Heidi Brayman Hackel Heidi Brayman Hackel presented the issue of limiting faculty usage of library study carrels to 90 days, or one term. In her own research, she finds it difficult to complete a project in this short amount of time, and feels she is not the only faculty member to run into this problem. She presented some suggestions on policies for carrel use and assignment. Set aside some carrels exclusively for faculty use. Provide a range of choices to faculty for length of time. Assign carrels to faculty for up to one year at a time. The library currently has 42 study carrels available. Ph.D. candidates use 85% of these, which leaves 15 carrels available for faculty use. On the waiting list, it's 75% PhD candidates and 25% faculty. A lengthy discussion followed on the pros and cons of this issue. One suggestion made was to have graduate students share a carrel - this would allow twice as many students to have a space. The decision was made to form a subcommittee, including a person from Library circulation and a representative from the Graduate Student Association to look into this issue. Butcher stated she thought the concept of sharing carrels was valid, but wants graduate student input before a decision is made. Hackel will report back on this issue at the next meeting. Category I Proposals and the Library Budget - Gary Beach Gary Beach presented a resolution to the committee involving background on his study of this issue, how category I proposals are evaluated, and the perspective of budgetary needs of the library in conjunction with these new proposals. Beach has conducted a study of this issue going back 20 years and has concluded that no funds have EVER been transferred to the library to support ANY new academic degree programs - either from the academic units or from the central administration. Beach presented his draft resolution to the Committee for consideration to present to the Faculty Senate on how to ameliorate this lack of funding. He asked for committee member input on this draft. The next meeting if this Committee will be held on May 25, 3:30 P.M. in the Drinkward Conference Room, Valley 4960. Minutes prepared by Marcia Griffin