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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » October 11 2010 Minutes

Library Committee

October 11 2010

Members Present: Lindy Brown, Faye Chadwell, Kira Hughes, Stacey Smith, Elizabeth Thomas, Tara Williams
Guests:Michael Boock, Jennifer Nutefall
Support Staff:Philip Vue

Member introductions
Each member introduced themselves to the committee and briefly described their interest in the committee.

  • Stacey Smith - Department of History. Returning FSLC member.
  • Jennifer Nutefall - Associate University Librarian for Innovative User Services
  • Faye Chadwell - Interim University Librarian and OSU Press Director
  • Tara Williams - Department of English. Chair of FSLC.
  • Lindy Brown - Academics for Student Athletes. Just received her Master's in Library and Information Science and is very interested in what is happening in Libraries. New member.
  • Kira Hughes - Department of Forestry. New member.
  • Elizabeth Thomas - Academic Success Center. Returning member.

Review committee standing rules
The committee discussed the issue with the last sentence in the standing rules regarding retired faculty serving on the committee. Faculty Senate would like FSLC to look at the issues of the last sentence and determine if the provision should be included in the standing rules. Faye will update the committee on the history of the committee rules. Tara will also investigate if this rule covers staff as Elizabeth is staff and not faculty. The committee will hold the decision to add or remove the last sentence after further investigation.

Overview of standing FSLC responsibilities
FSLC is included in long-term research study room assignments. One FLSC member will work with Cheryl Middleton on submitted applications. The library research travel grants now under Jennifer meet twice per year to go over the submitted applications. There is about half a dozen applications for each funding period. The Library Undergraduate Research Award is also administered by Jennifer. One FSLC member will serve on the LURA committee with Jennifer to evaluate the submissions.
Action: Tara will send out an email asking for volunteers.

Suggestions for FSLC agenda items this year from all members
Recap of last year's agenda items:

  • In the past, FSLC has dealt with issues around Open Access (OA). There was a subcommittee created to take on the scheduling for talks and making scholarly communication available for use.
  • OSU continues collaborative work with the University of Oregon (UO). OSU is currently working on a program with the UO to extend borrowing privileges to allow UO and OSU faculty/staff the same borrowing privileges they would receive from their institutions.
  • The committee has also been involved in budgetary struggles.
  • The committee will also be involved in advocating for more funds from the University to support the Faculty Research Travel Grants. Each year the university funds $10,000 which is enough to award 5 people a maximum of $2000 per person. The increase in funds would help the humanities scholars and science scholars. OSU Libraries will pull statistics and data together to propose for additional funding.
  • The library has data for research grants, what journals are being cited, who is citing, and would like to do something on the issues of publishing for campus in conjunction with OA week.
Action: Members with suggestions can bring them up at the next meeting or contact Tara.

Update on the University Librarian search
This year FSLC may be involved in the University Librarian (UL) search. Tara encouraged members to attend as many of the UL search talks as possible when they are scheduled. Jennifer and Faye have worked together to pull together a position description (PD) for Becky Warner. Faye and Jennifer have also provided Becky with a list of people suggested to serve on the search committee. The committee will consist of people from the library, Library Advisory Council (LAC), people from outside the library and deans. The committee will be chaired by Larry Rogers. The current committee roster is on hold pending approval from the Faculty Senate (FS). The roster should be finalized and approved in the next couple of weeks and put in place at the end of the month. The UL search process will include short interviews, screening, and a decision to bring on campus 3-4 candidates for onsite visits. Site visits are anticipated for the end of the year.

Library update/update on the 24/5 plan

  • New space in the Library. The Information Commons on the 2nd floor of the library will be reworked to encourage more collaborative/group study. In March, the Library worked with a design company for a layout of the new space. Furniture has been selected, the PO was submitted, and in the next 8 weeks furniture should be arriving to be installed. Posters are set out to let students know what we have done with their feedback from surveys and focus groups. Posters are color-coded to show where the new furniture will be located within the area. The project was made possible and funded by Friends of the Library. The Barometer also published a short article on the front page on Oct. 6, 2010.
  • 24/5 - ASOSU designed posters to advertise the new library hours. Student IDs are required to access the library from 12am-7am. The libraries' highest usage so far has been course reserves and checking out study rooms. The library is only staffing the circulation desk during the night hours with student workers. The library continues to takes statistics every hour. These will be collected to keep Becky and Sabah informed for continued funding support.
  • New service - The library now offers a new service called "scan and deliver." Scan and deliver is a service that allows the libraries to scan any print journal on site into a PDF file and deliver the article to an office or by email (faculty and students). The turnaround time for the new service is two or less business days. This includes microfilm and microfiche. The library is benefiting from using the 24/5 staff to help with the scan and deliver service to improve turnaround time.
  • Patron driven acquisitions - This services allows the library to more effectively and efficiently make better use of the libraries' monographs budget. There was a soft launch this summer and this should be in place later this fall. The library has created a list of books that have been added to the catalog so, if it is something that a user wants to read, they have access electronically. If a book is checked out/requested more than three times the library will purchase the book.
  • New Employees - Two new faculty will be joining the OSU libraries. Evviva Weinraub, the new Director of Emerging Technologies and Services, will start on Monday, October 18 and Natalia Fernandez, the new Oregon Multicultural Librarian, will start November 1.
  • The library departments are undergoing a strategic realignment. The Collection and Resource Sharing Department is currently looking for a department head after a retirement. There are also searches for a couple of other positions, including the Access Supervisor for Circulation.
  • Oregon Explorer (OE) - The virtual natural resource portal. The portal provides different portals to different natural resource materials around the state. OE recently migrated over to a new interface to allow for searching across all OE portals. Faye and Jennifer will demonstrate the portal at an upcoming FSLC meeting.
  • OSU Press - There is a letter going to department heads on campus to encourage faculty to publish with the OSU Press. The Press publishes books in areas of environmental studies, Northwest natural resources, and culture. Mina Carson, faculty from the OSU History Department, was one of the Libraries Resident Scholars who have submitted a proposal to publish a book on the biography of Ava Helen. The Press is also publishing its first OA title in a two-volume series.
  • Collaboration with UO - Joint project with UO on an open access journal platform.
  • BeaverTracks was launched last spring. It is a website very similar to a GPS that allows people to tour the campus virtually and at the same time get historical information about the campus and buildings. OSU Archives was a key player in this project.

Open Access Week Events
Open Access week is October 18-22. The Library will have a kickoff event on Friday, October 15. The kickoff is in collaboration with a UO featured guest speaker, Kevin Smith, from Duke University who will speak on "Why Open Access Works and Why Copyright Doesn't." The library will have a live feed streaming on the third floor in the Willamette Industry Seminar Classrooms. There will be a series of tables across campus for people to talk and ask librarians questions about OA and ScholarsArchive. Other events include a presentation on Cascades campus on author rights and short video clips of people on campus talking about OA which will be streamed in the main Library lobby.

Overview of the Center for Digital Scholarship and Services (CDSS)
Michael Boock, Head of the Center for Digital Scholarship and Services, presented briefly on the services the new center will provide to the campus. The center came about with the realignment of the cataloging department previously known as Digital Access Services. The center will promote preservation and dissemination of research. The center will work with faculty to insure that they retain the rights to their research, can be reused, repurposed and deposited in ScholarsArchive so that the research is made freely available for use. The center is working with faculty to migrate journals from subscriptions to open access. The center will use a public knowledge platform to publish OA resources such as journals articles, conference proceedings, thesis, technical reports, etc. Thesis and dissertations are now available in ScholarsArchive. The center will continue work on digitization projects as well as data curation services. CDSS is working with the Research Office to come up with a data management plan for all new proposals. The center is working with graduate students to make their research also available. CDSS is working with the OSU Press to digitize all out-of-print books. Michael Boock can be contacted for questions and more specific details.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM