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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » November 11, 2009 Minutes

Library Committee

November 11, 2009

Attendance: Heather Bennett, Jeffrey Breitenfeldt, Karyle Butcher, David Noakes, Jimmy Rosacker, Lee Sherman, Miranda Smith, Tara Williams
Guests: Faye Chadwell, Jennifer Nutefall

Committee member introductions and discussion of interests/reasons for joining FSLC.

Tara Williams – Chair for FSLC from the English Department
Lee Sherman – News & Communication Services, research writer for Terra, 3rd year hoping to create a subcommittee on Open Access
David Noakes – Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, Senior Scientist at the Science Center, previously served on the same type of committee at a different institution, interested in libraries and in publishing.
Miranda Smith – College of Science and is the Academic advisor for pre-nursing and pre-dental program
Karyle Butcher – University Librarian oversees the University Libraries
Faye Chadwell – Associate University Librarian for Collections and Content Management; oversees the library collections and content.  
Jennifer Nutefall – Associate University Librarian for Innovative User Services, takes care of public services

Student Members
Heather Bennett – Undergraduate student working for ASOSU campaign resources
Jeffrey Breitenfeldt – Graduate Student and also TA teaching writing 121; interested in pursuing a MLIS degree with a focus on instruction and research.
Jimmy Rosacker – Undergraduate student majoring in Chemistry and Education; works for ASOSU in campus affairs.

Discussion of standing FSLC responsibilities:

  • Study Carrel Assignments – Typically there is one person on the committee that works with Cheryl Middleton, Head of Instruction and User Services to allocate study rooms at the beginning of term.
    Action: Need one FSLC member.
  • Library Research Travel Grants – This year the library received $10,000 from the Provost. The fund provides funding for faculty to travel and conduct research at other libraries. There are two funding periods each year. The deadline for the first funding period is November 16.

    Action: Need one FSLC member in November to work with Faye on reviewing applications.  

  • Library Undergraduate Research Award (LURA) – This year will be the 4th year the library will offer the award to students. The award consists of two awards of $1000. One award for an undergraduate and one award for a graduate student. The application deadline this year will be in January for papers written in the 2009 calendar year. The committee that reviews the papers will consist of Jennifer Nutefall, Library Advisory Council members, library faculty, and a FSLC member. In spring a ceremony is typically held to celebrate the awardees and give them an opportunity to read an excerpt from their paper.

    Action: Need one FSLC member in January 2010.

  • Open Access (OA) Committee – Lee is seeking a subcommittee to continue to look at and work on the OA efforts. Lee will continue to develop articles for the OSU homepage. Each article will have a focus on one aspect of OA (author rights, peer review, tenure). Lee continues to write articles every other week for the Terra Magazine.

    Action: Need 3 FSLC members to be a part of the committee. Contact Lee or Faye for more information regarding OA. Members can contact Lee if they are interesting in helping Lee write articles on OA in Terra. 

Brief overview of the library (including budget and the strategic plan) – Karyle Butcher

The purpose of the library is to provide information for students and faculty in the best way that works for them, improve on how the library can make information available, teaching, economic development, staff development and diversity. The library is looking to the FSLC to see where the library can improve and where the bumps are. The library budget is allocated for books and journals, salaries, and a portion to maintain the library. The library also works with the English department to sponsor and bring in authors for the Visiting Writers Series. Currently the library is spending a lot of time balancing what should be digital and what should be paper. Most faculty want digital for access away from campus, while students access the materials online but want to be in the library. There is no longer a food and drink policy but a focus on cleaning up after yourself instead and recycling. The reference books on the second floor were moved out and back into the stacks over the summer. If anyone on the committee is interested in a tour of the Library, Archives or Special Collections please contact Karyle, Faye or Jennifer.

Issues on which the library would like FSLC assistance this year – Faye Chadwell and Jennifer Nutefall


  1. Over the next year the library will be looking at assessment, how the library contributes to student learning and physical space. How do we configure certain areas to make the best use of that space? A focus group will be put together to gather student input on how they work, and to get some different layouts designed. 
    • Possibilities for the reference space: semi-circular table with a big screen TV where students can project their laptops to the screen, café style seating benches and tables, furniture that is flexible (movable), and presentation practice rooms. A gaming break room is being considered.  

    1. There are three workshops scheduled this year with speakers presenting on assessment. The ending goal would be to use the LibQual survey to measure service.  
    2. Two self check-out machines were purchased and installed located next to the circulation desk and are already being used.
    3. Looking at instruction and how research practices are incorporated into instruction.


  1. Patron driven user center acquisitions: This will be a pilot project.
  2. E-books: There will be a small selection of E-books added to the catalog and set with a trigger. If an item is triggered by a user 2-3 times, the library would purchase the item.
  3. Transform the library from print to digital: The library will look at what can be digitized in the collection based on copyright to provide easier access to the collection.
  4. What does the library do with print materials once we move over to digital? The library is looking at ways to reduce duplications in the OUS institutions.
  5. Scholarly Communication and Open Access: There is still a need for faculty input and increased visibility by depositing in our institution repository to “widen access” and discuss authors right. Future outlook would be to having a panel talk about open text book. This is a campus-wide issue and would include graduate students. The panel would discuss issues of publishing and where to publish.
  6. The plan is to bring in a speaker in December to talk about OA models and publishing for journals and monographs.
  7. Talk about data management and curation with faculty on campus and how to manage.

Preliminary discussion of ideas for use of the 4th floor space in The Valley Library:

Ideas for 4th floor space:

    • Create a space for faculty and students where they can have access to a quiet space
    • Faculty research commons with microfiche reader
    • Serious work space
    • Graduate research space
    • Faculty learning studio

Other Suggestions:

  • Extra computers in the reference area and lab space to provide programs students do not have access to on their own laptops.

Adjourned – 4:00 PM