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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » May 28, 2008 Minutes

Library Committee

May 28, 2008

Attendees: Rob Armas, Nabil Boudraa, Karyle Butcher, Paul Roberts, and Lee Sherman

3:30-3:35- Lee Sherman brought the meeting in to order. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

A)        Discuss where we are and where we want to go on the issue of open access, based on the information we have gathered from Stuart Schieber of Harvard, Pat Wheeler of COAS, Michael Boock, Faye Chadwell, OSU Research Office, FSLC Task Force and various supplementary readings. The committee will:

  • Establish desired goal(s), both short term and long-term for OSU regarding open access/ scholarly communication.
  • Set a timeline for achieving this/these goal(s) over the next two years.
  • Determine necessary steps for achieving goal(s).
  • Assign specific task(s) toward achievement of goal(s).

Committee makeup: The FSLC will need a complete committee to go forward with these goals for the next academic year. It would be good to have some involvement from research and science faculty. Work will begin in the fall term with subcommittees formed to take on each task. Karyle suggested that it would be good to include some tenure track faculty on the committee. Nabil suggested presenting on the FSLC for 5 minutes at the next junior faculty orientation.

Open Access: The committee previously agreed on open access as a concept. Mike Boock’s previous library task force laid out a lot of ground work for the committee to pick up from. There is no need for the committee to re-establish the procedures and information already gathered. OSU is already ahead of Harvard in the process of open access. The library does not have the money to fund an open access project like Harvard went through. The committee would like to see all faculty articles posted to the ScholarsArchive next year. Karyle suggested bringing Schieber in from Harvard to present on the topic to help educate the faculty as well as presenting jointly to the University of Oregon. The library could fund this type of event.

Lee mentioned that the Barometer had printed a few articles regarding open access a few years ago and volunteered to look them up and update them to be re-printed as well as submitted to OSU This Week and OSU Today.

Suggestion: Karyle strongly urged the committee to look at the Berkley Model.

Scholarly Communication: The committee discussed the possible need for a position to work on scholarly communication. Karyle added that there could be a future opportunity to utilize one of the library positions to take on some of this work. Faye Chadwell would be a possibility after the second AUL position has been filled. Another option would be to partner with the Research Office.

Action: The committee should create a list of publishers allowing open access for researchers to view, and then present the importance of scholarly communication across campus at the department level. Mike Boock can get a current list to the committee.

Question: How do the librarians approach the departments that will be affected by journal cuts?

Karyle informed the committee that when there are cuts to be made there is a library liaison that presents all the suggested cuts to each department. There is a new idea to offer a “pay per view” service for journals that need to be used instead of having the full subscription. Faye Chadwell is working on this option. There will be cuts made for the next fiscal year.

At the end of two years the FSLC should have accomplished awareness on campus about open access, moved to an open access policy, and have a scholarly communication plan developed. A survey should be put together over the summer. Karyle suggested naming the committee as scholarly communication so that there is continuity in informing faculty and information is not lost.

Articles to write: FSLC seeking new members. FS re-purpose for scholarly communication.

Open Access Survey: Each committee member will come up with one or two survey questions, as well as asking if Stuart is willing to share his survey for the committee to use. Mike mentioned he has the department survey listing where departments publish and that he would contact Stuart for information on his survey.

Repetition of information will be key in promoting faculty awareness across the campus. The library could put a display together for awareness in the lobby or post information on the library web page.

Lee volunteered to interview Pat Wheeler and write up a short paragraph to be posted on the OSU home page with a link to more information about the open access survey.

B)        Study Rooms

Karyle explained the process of how the research study rooms are allocated. The applications are submitted in July/August, and Cheryl Middleton and a FSLC member go over the applications to allocate each room. Nabil volunteered for the next round of applicants.

C)        Report from Library Staff

Karyle informed the committee about plans to have an off-site storage facility built for the OUS system. Discussions have been ongoing with Portland State and with the University of Oregon. The library is currently working with U of O on cutting shared journal titles; that is U of O will cut copies of what we hold this year and next year we will cut copies of journals that we hold that they have. This will save money and create a shared resource for borrowing.

An intern, Monica Jacobsen, was hired to work on policies regarding computer logins to tighten up the libraries policies for security and privacy. The work will be completed over the summer months.

Philip Vue, the Building Maintenance Coordinator, has been accepted to the University of Washington iSchool for the MLS program.  

Next Meeting: The committee should discuss changing its name to include scholarly communication.

5:00 – Meeting adjourned