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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » May 14, 2008 Minutes

Library Committee

May 14, 2008

Attendees: Mike Boock, Karyle Butcher, Nabil Boudraa, Paul Roberts, and Rob Armas.

3:35 – 3:37 Nabil brought meeting to order.

Nabil handed out an article “Readers Not Wanted: Student Writers Fight to Keep Their Work Off the Web

The minutes were approved for the previous meeting.

A. Discuss conversation with Stuart Scheiber from last interview.

Stuart had said that Harvard did not have an institutional repository set in place yet.
Question: Do we know how many people have opted out of signing over their copyright as authors?

B. Report on April 14 conversations with former FSLC member, Pat Wheeler (COAS), about previous FSLC work on scholarly communication/open access.

Nabil and Lee met with Pat Wheeler. Lee took notes on the conversation that Nabil handed out to committee members. Nabil briefly went over some points from Lee’s notes. 

  • There was a survey of each department about which journals faculty were publishing in (7-10 reports were completed); departments automatically collect this data when they do their graduate reviews.
  • Mike Boock was on a library task force that had collected this same data before. Mike explained how department data was gathered. Each department faculty would give Mike a list of books that faculty had published in the last three, five and ten years and then used the data given by the faculty to identify the subscription cost, journal impact factors and the number of times an article was cited in journals. All this work is done by working with a department representative. The data was then presented to the department representative to take back to their department. Citation impact factors did not relate to journal cost (high cost, low impact).
  • Advocate that faculty senate should recruit from science faculty. It was noted that Janet Webster would be a good resource on how to go about recruiting from the department level.

Karyle added to Mike’s task force explanation. The library had a very strong task force set and a lot of the work has dissipated. The FSLC should think about Pat’s suggestion to get more science people involved. FS should be briefed on this topic again. Karyle also mentioned that commercial journals just went up in price. E-journals went up 8.6% and paper journals are going up 5%. The library will be looking at a $900,000 increase and would have to make some journal cuts. Nabil also noted that there is a need to educate faculty on campus about journals and publications so that they have a better understanding about the budget and why the library needs to make cuts.

Decision: Next agenda item should focus on what the next step is and how to do it.

1. At one of the next FSLC meetings Faye and Mike will come up with a strategic action plan to see who is responsible for what. Those people will then gather all information so nothing is lost. Is it fair for the library to pay for all the journals, can most requested journals be obtained through ILL instead of paying for those that are not used that often?
2. Further discussion of Lee’s notes will take place at the next FSLC meeting May 28.

C. Report from Library Staff

Karyle discussed the pending cut on journals that is expected without an increase in budget. The library has submitted TRF funds for $700,000 for electronic journals. The library has always been funded in the past.

Nabil asked Karyle about the library research travel grants submitted to Sabah. The funds have been allocated and the awardees notified.

Nabil also asked about the Library Undergraduate Research Award which the Library Advisory Council provides the funding for outstanding student research papers that were accomplished using library resources. The two winners this year were from the Department of History. Karyle would like to see more students in the sciences department nominated for this award in the future.

D. Long Term study rooms

Cheryl Middleton needs a FSLC member to volunteer to assist in assigning the long term research study rooms. Rob suggested having disability services on campus get involved with this as they may have ideas about how to assign the rooms.

Action: A volunteer will be announced at the next FSLC meeting to assist Cheryl in the next round of allocations.

4:30 Meeting dismissed