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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » April 4, 2008 Minutes

Library Committee

April 4, 2008

Attendees: Lee Sherman, Nabil Boudraa, Mike Boock, Faye Chadwell, Paul Roberts, Rob Armas.

NOTE: Lee led the committee meeting; Nabil and Lee will alternate leading the meetings.

  1. What is the current status of scholarly communications/open access at OSU and other U.S. universities, such as Harvard, which has taken the lead in mandating that faculty deposit their articles in the institutional archive. How do we take the work forward after the OSU Today series of articles?

    1. Michael Boock reported on his communications with Harvard: see article
      Harvard offers the ability to opt out of making the articles open access. Is this for a limited time? Were there any chief objections from faculty? Harvard keeps the final version of the published article. What other units on campus were they involved with (attorney, copyright, research office)? Can the OSU Press help faculty in publishing? Central repositories are available through ScholarsArchive at the library and there are a few other repositories on campus (physics). How do you get faculty involved, surveyed and their buy in?

      Action Items:
      • Mike will schedule his Harvard contact to speak to the committee at the next meeting on April 23.
      • The committee should aim to come up with action items and priorities by fall term.
      • Lee and Nabil will schedule time with Pat Wheeler to meet and talk about what she has done in the past.

    2. Faye Chadwell reported on her work with the national scholarly communications group on trends/issues/concerns at other universities: see article

      The NIH mandate has impacts on our campus; we need to comply. Faye will give an update on this federally mandated legislature to the Faculty Senate. It will be important to educate faculty to keep their author rights. Open access does not mean free. Someone is paying for it someway. SPARC has been very good at pushing out information about NIH compliance. There are other university systems to look at regarding how they have approached the mandate (Nebraska, University of Minnesota).

      Three years ago the Scholarly Communication Task Force found that the faculty were very open to the idea and ideal, one resolution was passed to encourage posting as open access. There was the issue raised about the pre-tenure faculty not being able to post this way, but it was not surveyed at that time. Many faculty do not understand copyright and their own author rights. Faculty are not always aware of the cost of journal subscriptions.

      Currently the OSU Libraries spends about $3.5 million on journal subscriptions. The inflation rate is 8% each year. There have been some savings made by consortial purchasing and package deals. Which journals are canceled? Sometimes they can be found in another package from another library, or can be switched over from paper to electronic. The subject librarians weed through the lists.

    3. The FSLC will have an opportunity to weigh in on the next steps that should be taken to move this issue forward at OSU and come up with a workable plan, particularly for the next academic year. See articles:

      Action Item: The committee will work up a survey that the library will implement on Survey Monkey. After the survey, focus groups will be formed to look at the responses.

  2. Report from the Library (Faye Chadwell, AUL for Collections and Content Mgmt.)
    • Interactive Course Assignment Pages: The faculty member works with a librarian on a course and develops a page of resources geared to that course such as links to databases, recommended resources as well as a chat box to a librarian.
    • LibraryFind: This is a discovery tool that searches across all the libraries databases and digital collections. It was developed as open source and other universities are already using it (Houston and North Carolina).
    • Internet Archive: In progress, waiting for the demo site to be up and running.
      Action Item:
      FSLC recommended Jeremy Frumkin write an article on this. 
    • ScholarsArchive: Recent recognition ranked this 29th internationally, and 7th in the US.
    • Searches are in progress to fill the Associate University Librarian for Innovative Services position, a position in Social Sciences that will focus on instructional design as well as a Metadata Librarian position to help with the Institutional Repositories. The Gray Family Chair position is vacant and library management is looking at creative ways to utilize this position to develop tools in the future.
    • The librarians are being reorganized to maximize resources and improve focus on instructional outreach.
    • The library is doing well toward the OSU Campaign goal of $6.5 million.
    • Library Travel Grants: Ten applications have been received. Rob Armas will assist Faye in decisions on allocation of the $10,000. The grants allow for research in libraries outside of the state. Each applicant can receive up to $2,000 towards their projects.
    • Library Advisory Committee undergraduate research awards; two students won 1k each and used the Urban League documents.

      Question from Faye:
      What would the committee like to know about the library? The committee would like more information about how acquisitions are holding relative to other institutions (journals, books, etc) and how other institutions are dealing with inflation. The problem of shrinking budgets is across the country.