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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » December 1, 2006 Minutes

Library Committee

February 27, 2006


Molly Engle, Chair
Gary Beach
Evan Gottlieb
Joe Kerkvliet
Melodie Putnam
Pat Wheeler
Michael Witbeck


John Pollitz, Associate University Librarian for Karyle
Butcher, University Librarian


John Boock, Member, Scholarly Communication Task Force

  1. Announcements

    • Name Tags:

      Need to have name tags made for the Scholarly Communication Task Force members.

      Action: John Pollitz volunteered to have the name tags created.

    • Scholarly Communication Task Force Invitation:

      The Library Committee extended an Invitation to all of the Scholarly Communication Task Force members to attend all future Library Committee meetings.

      Action: Molly Engle will send an invitation to the Task Force members and request that Vickie Nunnemaker add the Task Force members to the Library Committee's mailing list.

    • Minutes Transcriber for March Meeting:

      Action: Evan Gottlieb volunteered to take minutes at the March 13th meeting.


  3. Minutes

    • Correction to Item 5 noted.

    APPROVED as amended.

  4. Library Committee Standing Rules


    • Minor grammatical changes noted.
    • Joe Kerkvliet asked if the Library has been proactive in attempting to add students. The Standing Rules call for three student members.

    Consensus: The Library Committee should actively encourage students to consider becoming a Library Committee member.

    Suggestion: Send a message to the Graduate Student Association requesting a student volunteer.

    Action: Joe Kerkvliet volunteered to draft a request to the Graduate Student Association for one or two graduate students and to the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) for one or two undergraduate students.

    APPROVED as amended. The Chair will submit the Library Committee's Standing Rules to the Committee on Committees for review and approval.

  5. Scholarly Communication Task Force Updates


    • Melodie Putnam indicated that the scholarly publication information for Botany and Plant Pathology was complete.

    • Joe Kerkvliet stated that scholarly publication information for Economics was in progress.

    • Michael Boock summarized the work of the Scholarly Communication Task Force last year, including a list and costs of journals along with journal impact factors.

    • Handout: COAS Journals

    • Pat Wheeler discussed the COAS journal handout. The table listed 42 journals where COAS most frequently publish their research. The table included cost differentials when commercial journals are compared to professional societies; i.e., $0.98 per page for commercial journals versus $0.39 per page for professional society journals.

    • Handout: Revised Appendix 3 - Review of Journals Used for COAS Publications

    • Pat Wheeler indicated that Appendix 3, Review of Journals Used for COAS Publications has been revised and will be posted to the Scholarly Communication Task Force report. Bottom line: Professional society journals have cheaper costs and higher impact than do commercial journals.

    • Suggestion: The Library Committee should check on the page charges when commercial journals are compared to professional society journals.

    • Evan Gottlieb asked if the Library Committee should publish Appendix 3 as part of OSU This Week articles?

    • Pat Wheeler stated that the Library Committee should maintain, i.e., archive, all of the separate analyses that are being prepared. The Library Committee can then refer the readers of the upcoming OSU This Week articles to the Library Committee's web site where the tables will posted; i.e., archived.

    • Molly Engle suggested that the Horticulture and Public Health lists of publications be circulated to the Library Committee members.

  6. Academic Program Review Procedure Changes to Include Scholarly Publication Information Statistics

    • Gary Beach indicated that the proposed wording changes to the Academic Program Review Procedures has been submitted to the Office of Academic Programs and Academic Assessment (APAA) but that these proposed changes have not yet been implemented by the Curriculum Council and Graduate Council.

    • Gina Shellhammer, APAA, indicated that these proposed changes probably do not need to go through either the Curriculum Council and Graduate Council but will be handled by APAA (for undergraduate academic program reviews) along with a request to the Graduate School (for graduate academic program reviews).

  7. Proposed Annual Editors/Society Officer Meeting

    Handout: OSU List of 2004 Editors Acknowledged at 2005 Reception

    Action: Pat Wheeler will request that OSU editors and society officers attend a meeting to discuss the pricing of commercial and professional society journals. Some editors have control while others do not. Pat Wheeler and Alexis Walker will organize the meeting for either Spring Term 2006 or Fall Term 2006.

  8. OSU This Week Scholarly Communication Articles

    Handout: Timelines and Guidance for Preparing Articles for OSU This Week.

    Action: For those writing articles, outlines (2 to 4 sentences) are due March 6.

    • Pat Wheeler volunteered to coordinate the articles and then pass them on to Mark Peterson in News and Communication.

    • Handout: May 25th OSU This Week Article on OSU Institutional Repository

    • Michael Boock distributed a draft of the May 25th article for review and edit.

    • Michael Witbeck requested information regarding issues associated with the Open Access article.


  10. Faculty Senate Committees

    Handout: Helpful Hints for 2005-06 Faculty Senate Committee/Council Chairs


    • Student Members: Attempt to add student members, if possible, to the Library Committee.

    • Interinstitutional Faculty Senate: Share with the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate the work of the Library Committee and the Scholarly Communication Task Force.

    • Scholarly Communication Task Force: Integrate the Task Force with the Library Committee. Task Force members should be encouraged to volunteer to become Library Committee members for the 2006-07 academic year.

    • Academic Program Reviews: Actively solicit faculty who are or will be undergoing academic program reviews within the next two years to become members of the Library Committee.

    • Library Committee Membership: Molly Engle recommended that Michael Boock be added as a member of the Library Committee.
    • Action: The Chair will submit this membership change to Vickie Nunnemaker in the Faculty Senate Office.

  11. Chronicle of Higher Education Article

    Handout: Article (Distributed by Molly Engle)

    Foster, Andrea. U. of Michigan President Defends Library's Role in Controversial Google Scanning Project. Chronicle of Higher Education, February 7, 2006.


    • The article alludes to the future of libraries since Google is proposing to digitize library held books. Plans call for approximately 60% of the books to be digitized. Most of the digitized books will be from 1970 to present.

    • John Pollitz stated that the Library will continue to monitor this new development.

  12. Library Report

    • John Pollitz indicated that the Library is:
      1. looking into ways to mainstream the Library's repository; and
      2. reviewing new and better ways of conducting searches across data bases.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM

Next Library Committee Meeting

Monday, March 13, 2006
10:00 to 11:00 AM in the Castle Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Valley Library

Minutes provided by Gary Beach