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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » October 3, 2005 Minutes

Library Committee

October 3, 2005

Present: Gary Beach, Molly Engle(chair), Evan Gottlieb, John Pollitz (for K. Butcher), Melodie Putnam, Deborah Rubel, and Michael Witbeck.
Not Present: Bonnie Allen, Linda Ashkenas, Joe Kerkvliet, and Pat Wheeler.
Guests/Staff: Kerrie Cook (minutes)

  1. Welcome/Introduction/Expectations
    Engle expects that the committee will accomplish a lot this year and will make sure that the workload is evenly distributed among the members.

  2. House keeping
    1. Meetings will be kept to an hour to be most efficient, and winter and spring meeting times need to be discussed soon.
    2. Minutes will now be rotated from committee member to committee member. Volunteers will be selected at t he meeting prior to their turn and the library will reserve a laptop to be used.

  3. Student Members
    It is sometimes difficult to get students to volunteer to serve on the committee. Please encourage students, when you can, to contact the Associated Students Office to turn in an application specifying their interest in the FSLC. Another option for recruits would be the Honors College.

  4. Old Business
    1. Role of the committee and the Scholarly Communications Task Force - The standing rules need revision and more clarification to define the relationship between the Scholarly Communications Task Force and this committee. Gary Beach, Pat Wheeler, Bonnie Allen and Mike Boock were on the committee, and the draft report was presented to the Faculty Senate in June. Since the work is not complete, this committee should discuss how the Task Force should relate to this committee. Some of the items mentioned in the Task Force's report will have ramifications throughout the campus, not just the OSU Libraries. Pat Wheeler is going to sit on this committee while we discuss what should be done. Due to Wheeler's absence today, the committee will table further discussion until the next meeting in November.

      Inthe past, this committee has not formulated policy for the library, except for the new budget transfer policy that was instituted last year.

      Gottlieb will draft a revision of the committee's standing rules and come up with some new language for the committee's role.

    2. The Task Force will present its report to the open session of the faculty senate at the end of the year. Gary Beach and Bonnie Allen will be among those serving on the Task Force. This group has not met yet, but Gary and Bonnie will keep the committee updated.
  5. New Business
    1. Long Term Research Study Rooms - Rubel will work with Pollitz on assigning the rooms. Five rooms are to be assigned for doctoral students who are within 90 days of defending. Messages were sent out to the graduate advisor list students but only two renew requests have come through, which is very unusual. October 5th is the deadline for application. Beach worked with Lorraine Borchers last year. Assigning rooms only takes about 1 hour.
    2. The work plan for 2005-2006 was tabled to the November meeting. Some suggestions to think about i nclude how will the library plan to take part in the comprehensive campaign, funding transfers (ironing out the details), and strategic planning. Fund transfers will be discussed in detail with an update on procedure in January.
    3. Report from the librarian - John Pollitz gave the report. The library is set to raise $6.5 million for the comprehensive campaign. There are still funding issues on campus. The library proposed to use the money for collections, endowed positions and endowed programs. An endowment to build up the program at HMSC, training interns in the sciences, and beefing up the collections and various Digital projects. A portion of all campus endowments raised during the comprehensive campaign is supposed to go to library resources. The percentage will be under 1% but a final amount has yet to be established. Strengthening the weak areas first will be the highest priority. Some donors do not have a clear vision of where to give their donation, so the library is coming up with a short list of ideas to present to potential donors should they pose the question. How can the donation best serve the student? The new giving brochure is being printed this week and a copy will be sent out to each committee member. Donor's names can now be linked online to the electronic items they helped the library obtain. The library is applying for membership to the Digital Library Federation, which is an organization that sets standards for libraries and provides guidance on management of digital collections; it will give the library opportunities to collaborate with other prestigious universities. November 7, 2005 seven staff members will travel to a fall forum out of state. The library has been sponsored by Emory University. With the progression into more and more electronic collections, the question arises of what to do with the original papers, and how to involve archives. The question of ARL came up and the possibility that they were reconsidering their membership criteria. The committee will revisit ARL membership at the next meeting where Butcher can fill in the blanks.
    4. Other items - Minutes will be sent out to Engle for approval and then to the rest of the committee. Refreshments are still welcome and may help lure students to the committee. Gottlieb will do the minutes at the November meeting.
Meeting adjourned.

Minutes by Kerrie Cook