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Faculty Senate » Annual Report 2003-04

Library Committee

Annual Report

During the 2003-04 academic year, the Faculty Senate Library Committee continued to fulfill its responsibilities of advising the University Librarian in the three areas outlined in its standing rules: 1) meeting the learning, instruction, and research needs of students, faculty, and staff; 2) formulating library policies in relation to circulation, budgets, services, and development of resources for instruction and research; and 3) interpreting the needs and policies of the library to the University.

  1. The proposed procedure, Category I Processes and the Allocation of Resources to the Library Procedure, to compensate for the additional load on the library to support the new programs, was recognized by the committee. Sometime in the winter, it appeared that earlier initiatives to implement this procedure were languishing in the approval process. The Library Committee formally approved this procedure, and then the committee wrote a letter to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, advocating that the procedure be implemented. Shortly afterwards, the procedure was approved by the Curriculum Council, and it was agreed to and implemented by the Office of Academic Programs and the Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning. The implementation of this procedure is an important accomplishment of the committee.

  2. During the year, the committee, with the support of Valley librarians, studied the serials crisis. Our study culminated in a report to the Executive Committee and then the Faculty Senate. The study presented the problem of serials costs to the faculty. In the report, there is a recommendation for a university-wide task force to continue the study of this problem and to facilitate action to address the problem. The Executive Committee, with the support of the Faculty Senate, has formed the Task Force on Scholarly Communication for the 2004-05 academic year. This advocacy by the committee was perhaps the most significant accomplishment this year.

  3. The Library Committee met once a month during the academic year. Routine business included information items, during which time librarians explained library processes (e.g., how collections are determined; how Category I budget allocations for departments are determined). The library also solicited input and advice from the committee (e.g., feedback to the strategic plan).

  4. The chairperson of the Library Committee worked with the library in the evaluation of application for study rooms in the library.

Issues and possible agenda items for the 2004-05 committee:

  • Faculty Senate's Task Force on Scholarly Communication: Keep the Library Committee informed and up-to-date on the progress begun last year with regard to the exorbitant cost of serials. This effort will continue this year with the establishment of the new Faculty Senate Task Force.
  • Library Funding Transfer: Ensure that the Library receives the funds specified in their Category I Library Evaluation; i.e., the funds necessary to purchase new monographs or subscribe to new serials when a new degree or certificate program are approved by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.
  • OSU Libraries Budget: I would like to compare the support the OSU Libraries receives as a percentage of the total OSU expenditures and then apply this analysis to OSU's peer institutions. (Karyle has sent me some material which I have not had time to review yet. Also, for the current fiscal year, the OSU Libraries has received an increase in their base budget. This is in direct contrast to the budget allocation process last year, when the Library was essentially forgotten, and the new BAM did not adequately fund the OSU Libraries resource needs; i.e., there was a decrease in the OSU Libraries' budget.)
  • ARL Membership: Determine out how close we are to applying for ARL Membership.
  • Student Members: Make sure that the committee is represented by both graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Indirect Costs: Track what is happening with indirect costs, especially in the context of the current study on campus of this issue.
  • Strategic Plan: Review implications in the OSU Libraries Strategic Plan, especially if the library makes the big push to electronic over paper.
  • Capital Campaign: Keep current with University's capital campaign.
Library Committee: 2003-04

Ken Winograd '04, Chair School of Education
Mark Edwards '04 Sociology
Bob Rost '04 Extension & Experiment Station Communications
Barbara Gartner '05 Wood Science & Engineering
Mo Healey '05 History
Linda Ashkenas '06 Fisheries & Wildlife
Gary Beach '06 Institutional Research
Melody Putnam '06 Botany & Plant Pathology

Ex-Officio: University Librarian - Karyle Butcher
Executive Committee Liaison: Dianne Erickson
Student Members
- Adam Taylor (graduate)