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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » October 4, 2004

Library Committee

October 4, 2004

  1. New and Returning Members (G. Beach)
    Handout: Library Committee Membership List (Review and Update)
    Questions: Why were you interested in serving on the Library Committee?
    Are there particular issues that you would like the Library Committee to address during the coming year?

  2. Student Members (G. Beach)
    Need to add student members. The Library Committee allows for three Student members, including at least one undergraduate and one graduate student. (Submit names of student(s) who might be interested in serving on the Library Committee to Beach.)


  1. Library Committee Standing Rules (G. Beach)
    Handout: Library Committee Standing Rules (Last changed in March, 2002. Should there be any changes to the wording?)

  2. Faculty Senate Task Force on Scholarly Communication (G. Beach)
    This discussion was begun by the Library Committee last year under the leadership of Ken Winograd. The Task Force is to conclude its work by the end of the academic year. Beach and Bonnie Allen will be among those serving on the Task Force.

  3. Long Term Research Study Rooms for Faculty and Doctoral Students (G. Beach)
    Beach is representing the Library Committee, working with Lorraine Borchers, to review the applications for six study rooms in the Valley Library building.

  4. Library Cost Analysis Study: FY 2005 (G. Beach and B. Allen)
    The Business Affairs Office is, or will be, conducting a cost analysis study of the Library operations during the 2004-05 fiscal year.


  1. Library Strategic Plan (B. Allen)
    Handout: Library Strategic Plan
    Committee members should review in October. Comments/observations should be noted for the November meeting.

  2. Library Budget: FY 2005 (B. Allen)
    Handout: Library Budget and Comparison with OSU's Peer Institutions

  3. Library Funding Transfer Policy (G. Beach and B. Allen)
    Handout: Category I Process: Allocation of Funding to the Valley Library
    Suggestion: Revise the policy. Recommend the establishment of a University level "Library Contingency Fund" that can be used to fund the need for monographs, serials, and other library materials for up to four years following the approval of new academic degree programs.