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Faculty Senate » Final Report -- 1997-98

Baccaulaureate Core Committee

Final Report -- 1997-98

Solomon Yim, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Department
Tel: 737-6894E-mail:

The Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC) conducted two primary kinds of activities during the 1997-98 academic year: (1) consideration of proposals for new or revision of existing baccalaureate courses, and (2) evaluation of existing guidelines for baccalaureate course proposals. Due to the unusually large number of proposals submitted this past year (compared to under 30 in some previous years), most of the committee's effort was devoted to the first.


The committee evaluated a total of 108 proposals from OSU faculty and from several surrounding Community Colleges. The number of approved courses in each category are listed as follow:

	Writing II						 1
	WIC							26


	Physical Sciences				  8
	Western Culture					    0
	Cultural Diversity				      8
	Literature & The Arts				   8
	Social Processes & Institution		      3
	Difference, Power & Discrimination	    4


	Contemporary Global Issues		   10
	Science Technology & Society		   4

Twenty (20) proposals were rejected. Sixteen (16) were either withdrawn or pending.


The BCC reviewed the Bac Core Criteria and Rationale stated in the most updated version of the proposal guidelines provided by Academic Affairs Office. To ensure timely response from the proposing departments and to avoid accumulation of "inactive" proposals, the BCC set a requirement of six (6) months for response time. Thus, a proposal would remain "active" for a duration of six (6) months from the date additional information/recommended changes are requested by the Academic Affairs Office. Proposals are automatically considered withdrawn if the proposing department does not provide a response to the request after six months.

The BCC worked jointly with WIC Co-ordinator, Professor Vicki Collins, to clarify the Bac Core WIC guidelines, criteria and rationale. The proposal guidelines for WIC requirements were thoroughly revised. The fact that WIC courses should be discipline courses which use writing tasks to help students learn is emphasized. Issues on variable credit WIC courses were resolved.


The committee reviewed the BCC Bylaws and proposed some changes to the Committee on Committees to clarify the qualification of BCC members.


There are a couple of related concerns that the BCC did not have a chance to examine due to the large proposal evaluation load last year. They are: (1) the implication of a growing number of 4 or more credit hour courses in the Bac Core, and (2) the original intents and direction of the Bac Core program. The committee thought that with the decreasing number of required credits to obtain an OSU Bachelor's degree and the increasing number of approved 4 or more credit Bac Core courses, a significant number of OSU students may not have any true "free electives" left in their programs. The Bac Core program has been in existence long enough for a "mid-term" review to ensure that: (1) the original intents of the program are preserved, (2) the program continues to head in the right direction, and (2) an optimal number of courses in each category is attained.

Hsiou-Lien Chen	          App/Int/Hous/Merch
Anita Grunder		    Geosciences
John Lee		      Mathematics
David Myrold		    Crop & Soil Science
Michael Scanlan	          Philosophy
Shannon Smith	          History
Solomon Yim	          Civil/Const/Envir. Engineering