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Faculty Senate

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The Faculty Senate has 27 standing committees. Committee members are appointed by the Executive Committee based on response to the Committee Interest Form distributed to all faculty in the spring.

The Bylaws of the Faculty Senate provide that "The Committee on Committees shall propose Standing Rules, subject to the approval of the Faculty Senate, for each of the Senate's standing committees and councils, and cause those Rules, thus approved, to be published annually in the Faculty Senate Handbook, and in each issue of the Faculty Handbook" (see Article VIII, Sec. 4 of the Bylaws). These Standing Rules are listed below; for each, the most recent date of Senate approval for original wording and/or revision is noted in parentheses. Unless noted otherwise, ex-officio and liaison members are non-voting.

To fulfill its responsibility to the Faculty Senate, each Committee and Council is may be asked to report at least once each year to the Senate; recommendations for the Senate's consideration may be presented at any time deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

To conduct its business, each committee and council may develop operating procedures or Guidelines which are consistent with its Standing Rules. Such procedures or guidelines shall be approved by the Executive committee prior to implementation should be reviewed periodically by the respective committee or council and, where appropriate, reported to the Faculty Senate.

Helpful Hints for committees and chairs may be viewed online. This document addresses meetings, membership, internal policies, etc.