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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » November 1, 2001 Agenda


Thursday, November 1, 2001
3:00 - 5:00 PM
Construction & Engineering Hall
LaSells Stewart Center

The agenda for the November Senate meeting will include the reports and other items of business listed below. To be approved are the minutes of the October Senate meeting, as published and distributed to Senators.

    1. Category I - Proposal to Rename the Department of Forest Products
      Mike Quinn, Curriculum Council Chair, will present a Category I proposal to rename the Department of Forest Products to Wood Science and Engineering. The proposal can be found on the web at:
    2. Approval of the 2002 Apportionment Table
      The 2002 Faculty Senate apportionment table (consisting of OSU FTE in the ranks of Instructor and above, including Professional Faculty and Faculty Research Assistants and Associates), will be presented for approval at the November meeting. The 2002 Apportionment Table can be found on the web at:

    3. Faculty Senate Nomination and Elections
      Gordon Matzke, Bylaws and Nominations Chair, will present for approval the slate of nominees for the 2002 Senate President-Elect, three new members of the Executive Committee (EC), and an Interinstitutional Faculty Senate (IFS) Senator. The President-Elect serves for one year, then automatically assumes the presidency of the Senate; EC members serve two-year terms; and IFS terms are three years. Nominations will be taken from the floor, however, the nominator must obtain, in advance, the nominee's willingness to serve if elected. The slate of nominees can be found on the web at

    4. Ballot Counting Committee
      Three volunteers are needed to assist in counting the President-Elect and IFS ballots on December 5 from 11:15-12:45; President Rosenberger will ask for volunteers from the floor

    5. Bylaws Revisions
      Gordon Matzke, Bylaws and Nominations Chair, will present for approval proposed Bylaws revisions (in bold below) to add the senior IFS member to the Executive Committee.

      Sec. l. Membership: The Executive Committee shall consist of the Senate President, the Senate President-Elect, the Immediate Past Senate President, the senior IFS Senator, and the Provost and Executive Vice President, or that person's designee, the Immediate Past President as Ex-Officio members; and six others elected from the membership of the Faculty Senate. The elected Executive Committee members shall retain their Faculty Senate seats for the remainder of their Senate terms.

      Sec. 2. Duties. IFS Senators are the representatives of the OSU Faculty in matters that cross institutional lines. IFS Senators shall be responsible for seeking opinions of the OSU Faculty and the OSU Faculty Senate as a body. The senior IFS Senator shall serve as an Ex-Officio, voting member of the Executive Committee.

    6. Guidelines for Program Redirection and Reorganization
      President Rosenberger will present for approval the Guidelines for Program Redirection and Reorganization the can be found on the web at

      If you wish to compare the proposal with the existing document, the current Institutional Procedures and Criteria for Program redirection, Reorganization, Reduction and Termination can be viewed on the web at:

    1. OSU Budget Reductions
      President Rosenberger will lead a discussion on the university budget reductions.

    1. Senator Representation Summary for 2000/2001
      A summary of Senator attendance by both apportionment unit and individual senator for academic year 2000/2001can be found on the web at Each Dean or head of an apportionment unit will also receive these reports. Faculty members are invited to view both reports, particularly the individual reports, if a Senator is eligible to be re-elected to the Faculty Senate or is a candidate for elected office to determine the representation received from Senators during the past year. Please note that the Bylaws state, "In the event of a Senator's absence, without providing a substitute, for three meetings during one year, the position will be declared vacant by the apportionment unit and filled by the nominee with the next highest number of votes at the most recent election."
    2. President-Elect, Executive Committee and IFS Elections
      As provided in the Senate Bylaws, (Article VI, Section 3) and amended on October 6, 1977, "additional nominations may be made from the floor and the nominations shall be closed." The Executive Committee requires that if such nominations from the floor are made, the nominator must obtain, in advance, the nominee's willingness to serve if elected. The names of all nominees will be submitted to be published in OSU This Week.

      The University-wide election of the President-Elect and IFS representative will be conducted between November 12 and December 4. Ballots will be distributed to all eligible voting members of the OSU faculty, in accordance with current Faculty Senate Bylaws. Signed ballots received in the Faculty Senate Office no later than 5:00 PM on December 4 will be counted by the Counting Committee prior to the December 6 Faculty Senate meeting. The individual receiving the highest number of votes will be declared the winner in each of the elections.

      Election of new members of the Executive Committee will be conducted by written ballot at the December 6th Faculty Senate meeting. Those candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. Tie votes shall be resolved by written ballot in a run-off election.

      Faculty are encouraged to check 2000/2001 attendance of current Senators who are candidates for elected office to determine representation during the past year. The attendance information can be found on the web at

    3. Instructions for Nomination and Election of Faculty Senators
      Upon receipt of all materials, and approval of the apportionment table, the Faculty Senate Office annually transmits Senatorial nomination and election instructions to head of all voting units; a sample letter can be found on the web at

    4. Joint Discussion Forums
      ASOSU, ISOSU, and the Faculty Senate are sponsoring a series of forums, titled 'Open Dialogue: Current Events in the World, the Nation, and their Relationship to the OSU Community'. The forums will offer an opportunity for students and community members to participate in sessions that will highlight recent events surrounding the war on terrorism. The sessions will be held Monday nights from 8:00-10:00 PM beginning October 22 and continuing through November 19 in the MU Lounge. The topics are as follows:
      November 5 - Fears of impacts on student lives
      November 12 - How can we overcome racism toward people from the Mideast and retain our humanity?
      November 19 - How much are students willing to give up to combat terrorism and vulnerability?

    5. Faculty Senate Budget Discussions - Special Session
      All unclassified faculty are invited to join in the discussion of the OSU budget situation at three upcoming Faculty Senate meetings: the regular session on November 1 from 3:00-5:00 PM in the LaSells Stewart Center Construction and Engineering Hall and two special sessions on November 8 and 15 from 3:00-5:00 PM in the MU East International Forum. The regular session on November 1 will begin at 3:00 PM with action items; it is anticipated that the budget discussion will not occur prior to 3:45 PM.

      The discussion at the November 1 meeting will focus on the history of the budget shortfall. Topics for the remaining meetings will focus on budget reductions for 2002-2003. Prior to all of these meetings please read the budget explanation provided by administration that can be found on the web at; the section on OSU's FY01-02 Budget will be the focus of the November 1 meeting.

      There will be 3x5 cards available at the meetings for faculty to write their questions during the discussion, or faculty are welcome to send their questions to prior to noon the day of the meeting. All questions will be gathered, sorted to avoid duplication, and given to the moderator. Comments are welcome during the discussion.

      Resource people from Academic Affairs and Finance and Administration have been invited to be present during the meetings.

      These sessions provide an opportunity for faculty to have input into this discussion. If Senators are unable to attend the regular or special sessions, please have someone from your apportionment unit attend in your place; contact the Senate Office if you are unsure of whom is eligible to represent you.

    1. Tim White, Provost & Executive Vice President

    1. President Nancy Rosenberger