Create a New Organization

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Registration for new student organizations for the 2014-15 academic year will be available starting the first week in October.

Review current listing of active student organizations to determine if a similar organization currently exhists.  If not, START ONE!


How to get Started

  1. Review the Student Organization Classification information in order to get a sense of what is required of each categorization moving forward.  Only two of the three classifications - Sponsored & Voluntary Student Organizations - are recognized by the University.  Non-Affiliated Student Organizations are not University recognized and are simply registered.
  2. Depending on your prospective organization classification, identify a minimum of 4-10 OSU students (including yourself) interested in supporting the creation of your new organization.
  3. Develop a Constitution/Governing Document for your organization including the minumum proscribed guidelines
  4. Review the Registration & Recognition information for an overview of the materials that need to be submitted.
  5. Schedule a time to meet with a representative from the Student Events & Activities Center in order:
    1. To determine if a similar organization is currently active or to access historical information and governing documents of a similar group that might be currently inactive.
    2. To discuss the details of and continue the process of becoming a registered/recognized student organization.
    3. To schedule an appointment, visit us in MU 103 or email student.orgs@oregonstate.edu
      1. Include your first and last name, the name and short description of the type of organizaiton you want to start, your phone number and if available, a copy of your constitution.