Event and Activity Planning

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The Student Event & Activity Center is the hub of student organization on the OSU campus and is responsible for providing advice, training and support to student organizations hosting programs on the OSU campus. The Center focuses on creating an environment of learning for students and advisors while promoting a standard of care for student planners, their organizations and the community. There are many components to putting on a successful event; ranging from setting goals, forming committees, identifying partners and resources and creating an action plan. Explore the Beaver Tips below for important information and advice or schedule a consultant with a SEAC Event Specialist or professional to learn about campus policies, regulations and resources available to support the success of your programming efforts.

Beaver Tips - “Cliff Notes” for programming at OSU

Frequently Asked Questions - If you want a quick answer regarding showing movies, serving food, hosting raffles,  hiring performers, etc. this is the page for you!

Getting Started - If you are new to planning programs or need a refresher!
•    Setting Programming Goals (link to doc)
•    Brainstorming (link to doc)
•    Identifying available and needed resources (link to doc)

Getting Organized
•    Identifying partners, co-sponsors, allies and adversaries (link to doc)
•    Creating a committee structure
•    Setting an Action Plan including a Time-line (link to doc)

Executing your Program
•    Marketing
•    Day of Event Roles and Action Plan (link to doc)
•    Assessment (link to doc)

Report your Event to the University All Sponsored Student Organization Activity and all on-campus Voluntary Student Organization Activity must be reported in advance of the activity.

Programming @ OSU Frequently Asked Questions

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Check below for the answers to some Frequestly Asked Questions around event and activity planning at OSU. 


How do I reserve space in campus?

Can we host a bake sale?

Why can't we show a Red Box movie?

Where can we get funding for our activities?

How do we go about hosting a raffle?

Beer Garden/Alcohol at my event?


How do I reserve space?

Identify a facility that would be appropriate for your event/activity (Beaver Tips: Choosing an OSU Facility
Identify who is responsible for reserving that location (Beaver Tips: Contacts for Reserving a Space)
Be prepared to provide an event overview (Beaver Tips: Event Planning Getting Started)

Can we host a bake sale?

 Yes- review Beaver Tips- Hosting a Bake Sale

Why can’t we show a Red Box Film?

You can as long as you also purchase Public Performance Rights for the title. (Beaver Tips: Public Performance Rights)

Where can we get funding for our activities.

The SEAC can advise you in how best to identify and create a plan to fund your activities. Make an appointment with an SEAC Program Advisor to learn about resources and fundraising  on campus.  (Beaver Tips: Creating a Budget)

We have a bunch of donated products and want to host a raffle, how do we do this? 

Raffles are seen as gambling and are  governed by the Oregon State Gaming Commission.  Although, you can go through the process to have a raffle approved, it is much easier if you make your event a free will drawing! This simply means,  market your tickets with a suggested donation price instead of a cost. This allows equal access to anyone that wants a chance to win so then the gambling regulations do not come into play. Remember Drawing instead of RAFFLE.

If you are an SSO and want to move forward a Raffle, contact the Office of University Events - they will advise you on trying to move forward.

If you are a VSO - contact the Oregon Gaming Commission directly.

We want to have a beer garden at our dodge ball tournament, how do we move forward?

The university has identified specific venues that can be permitted to serve alcohol and works with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission for licensure and oversight. This process is time consuming and the first step is to identify a location where alcohol can be permitted and then to submit an alcohol request form to the Office of Risk Management.


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