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Event and Activity Planning

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The Student Event & Activity Center is the hub of student organization on the OSU campus and is responsible for providing advice, training and support to student organizations hosting programs on the OSU campus. The Center focuses on creating an environment of learning for students and advisors while promoting a standard of care for student planners, their organizations and the community. There are many components to putting on a successful event; ranging from setting goals, forming committees, identifying partners and resources and creating an action plan. Explore the Beaver Tips below for important information and advice or schedule a consultant with a SEAC Event Specialist or professional to learn about campus policies, regulations and resources available to support the success of your programming efforts.

Beaver Tips - “Cliff Notes” for programming at OSU

Frequently Asked Questions - If you want a quick answer regarding showing movies, serving food, hosting raffles,  hiring performers, etc. this is the page for you!

Getting Started - If you are new to planning programs or need a refresher!
•    Setting Programming Goals (link to doc)
•    Brainstorming (link to doc)
•    Identifying available and needed resources (link to doc)

Getting Organized
•    Identifying partners, co-sponsors, allies and adversaries (link to doc)
•    Creating a committee structure
•    Setting an Action Plan including a Time-line (link to doc)

Executing your Program
•    Marketing
•    Day of Event Roles and Action Plan (link to doc)
•    Assessment (link to doc)

Report your Event to the University All Sponsored Student Organization Activity and all on-campus Voluntary Student Organization Activity must be reported in advance of the activity.

Programming @ OSU Frequently Asked Questions

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Check below for the answers to some Frequestly Asked Questions around event and activity planning at OSU. 


How do I reserve space in campus?

Can we host a bake sale?

Why can't we show a Red Box movie?

Where can we get funding for our activities?

How do we go about hosting a raffle?

Beer Garden/Alcohol at my event?


How do I reserve space?

Identify a facility that would be appropriate for your event/activity (Beaver Tips: Choosing an OSU Facility
Identify who is responsible for reserving that location (Beaver Tips: Contacts for Reserving a Space)
Be prepared to provide an event overview (Beaver Tips: Event Planning Getting Started)

Can we host a bake sale?

 Yes- review Beaver Tips- Hosting a Bake Sale

Why can’t we show a Red Box Film?

You can as long as you also purchase Public Performance Rights for the title. (Beaver Tips: Public Performance Rights)

Where can we get funding for our activities.

The SEAC can advise you in how best to identify and create a plan to fund your activities. Make an appointment with an SEAC Program Advisor to learn about resources and fundraising  on campus.  (Beaver Tips: Creating a Budget)

We have a bunch of donated products and want to host a raffle, how do we do this? 

Raffles are seen as gambling and are  governed by the Oregon State Gaming Commission.  Although, you can go through the process to have a raffle approved, it is much easier if you make your event a free will drawing! This simply means,  market your tickets with a suggested donation price instead of a cost. This allows equal access to anyone that wants a chance to win so then the gambling regulations do not come into play. Remember Drawing instead of RAFFLE.

If you are an SSO and want to move forward a Raffle, contact the Office of University Events - they will advise you on trying to move forward.

If you are a VSO - contact the Oregon Gaming Commission directly.

We want to have a beer garden at our dodge ball tournament, how do we move forward?

The university has identified specific venues that can be permitted to serve alcohol and works with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission for licensure and oversight. This process is time consuming and the first step is to identify a location where alcohol can be permitted and then to submit an alcohol request form to the Office of Risk Management.


Have a question not addressed below?  Submit it below and we will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

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Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs) are required to have a Faculty Advisor, as articulated in the Sponsorship Agreement between the student organization and sponsoring unit.  Faculty Advisors to SSOs should review and understand the Role & Responsibilities of Faculty advisors.

Voluntary Student Organizations (VSOs) are not required to have a Faculty Advisor.  Therefore, those who choose to advise these organizations have no formal responsibility or oversight of the organization.  The role and responsibilities of the advisor to a VSO is minimal and since there are few rules for what role the advisor will take, it is up to you to sit down with the VSO and come to an agreement about what role they will play.

Non-Affiliated Student Organizations (NSOs) are not University recognized student organizations and as such we strongly recommend against serving as an active advisor.  If you have questions, please contact us in the Student Events & Activities Center.

Sponsored Student Organization Faculty Advisors - Role & Responsibilities

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PDF of Role & Responsibilities

1Facilitator Model of Relationship

Oregon State University recognizes that sponsored student organizations are inherently linked to the University because of their role in enhancing education, representing OSU and/or presenting events that are considered an integral part of the institution.   In order to best support the learning of student leaders in our community, we have adopted a philosophical approach of partnership and collaboration with individual students and student organizations as “facilitators” in the involvement experience.  As “facilitators,” advisors work with administrators, faculty and staff to support student organization members and leaders in making intelligent, fair and reasonable choices within the boundaries established by state, federal and local laws, university rules/policy, and the mission of the sponsoring unit.  At Oregon State University, the Faculty Advisor serves as the primary “facilitator” to Sponsored Student Organizations.


Role of the Faculty Advisor

The OSU Student Organization Recognition Policy (SOR) defines a Faculty Advisor asfaculty, staff or personnel responsible for maintaining relationship with a sponsored student organization that allows for education and development as well as administration of data collection and University policies, procedures and guidelines.”

A Sponsoring Unit must provide a faculty advisor who shall be the primary liaison between the Sponsoring Unit/University and the Sponsored Student Organization (SSO). Under the tenets of the Facilitator University Model, the faculty advisor is much more than just a signature at the bottom of a piece of paper.  Rather, the faculty advisor works collaboratively with students, sharing responsibility for the development, practices and outcomes of Sponsored Student Organization and its events. 


Responsibilities of Faculty Advisor

As constituents of a Facilitator University, the faculty advisor works collaboratively and proactively with students, sharing responsibility for the organization and its events.  Faculty advisors support, guide and partner with student organization leaders to ensure, fair, intelligent and reasonable decisions and actions.  Specifically, it is expected that the faculty advisor:

  • Serve as the primary link between the sponsoring unit and student organization in order to support the success of the sponsorship relationship as outlined in the sponsorship agreement
  • Be a facilitator and a resource for student leaders in the interpretation of and compliance with University policies & procedures.
  • Be a role model, demonstrating professional, ethical and positive behavior
  • Annually review the student organization’s governing documents (constitution & bi-laws) and/or guiding policies to ensure accountability by the student organization.
  • Annually review risk assessment of student organization and work with the Office of Risk Management to identify and then mitigate any issues of concern
  • Partner with student leaders planning and executing organization events & activities, including travel. 
  • Support student organization leaders with the timely reporting of organization events & activities to allow for visibility, risk assessment & insurance considerations
  • Maintain awareness of student organization expenditures, ensuring that University funds are expended appropriately
  • Engage with the student organizations solicitation for sponsorship or donation to ensure all University, OSU Foundation, State, Federal and IRS policies and regulations are complied with
  • Facilitate the advancement of contracts and  purchases through appropriate unit financial processes, business center and/or University Procurement & Contract Services
  • Ensure appropriate use of the University name and trademarks in conjunction with the student organization and its activities
  • Promote co-curricular learning through organizational development, events & activities planning,  and interpersonal relationships
  • Act as a resource to the campus for communication and issues related to the student organization. 

The Unit Head, faculty advisor and student organization leaders should discuss any additional roles or responsibilities of the advisor in supporting the student organization.  The key point is to work in partnership (advisors & student leaders to encourage organization success and rewarding experiences.  

1For more information about the Facilitator University model, please refer to The Rights and Responsibilities of the Modern University: Who Assumes the Risks of College Life? by Robert D. Bickel and Peter F. Lake, published by the Carolina Academic Press in 1999.

VSO Advisors - Roles and Responsibilities

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As the advisor to a Voluntary Student Organization, your role is instrumental in helping the student organization and its members grow, develop and learn real life leadership skills for the future. Your support will not only help the student organization succeed but more importantly, create an exciting learning opportunity through involvement that both you and the organization can enjoy and appreciate. In your role, please keep in mind the following:

  • Voluntary Student Organizations are student-run organizations, recognized as being "@ Oregon State University." While recognized by the University, VSOs are not considered official representatives of the Oregon State University.
  • VSOs are not required to have an advisor as a condition for recognition. Thus, it is recommended that you have spoken with your Department Head and/or Dean, to ensure that this voluntary role does not conflict with your work responsibilities.
  • Your role is not one of directing or controlling the work of the student organization but rather, one of advising, consultation and support of the organization needs.
  • VSO activities should not be supported by departments either with funding or access certain university benefits (i.e. Motor Pool) unless the activity has been sponsored by a department through an Event Sponsorship Agreement.
  • Resources are available through the Student Events & Activities Center to support your knowledge of university policies and guidelines that your student organizations will work within.

Financial Management

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Here you find information related to finances and your student organizations, including obtaining and managing your club Funds in Trust (FIT) account with the Auxiliaries and Activities Business Center (AABC) and applying for funding for your organization.

  • Money Management - connect with the AABC to do things like check your account balance, open up an account for a newly recognized student organizaiton or switch over signers of the account.
  • Funding Resources - Get to know more about some of the funding resources available to your student organization.

Educational Activities Committee

***  Effective March 15, 2014 ***
Educational Activities has allocated all available fund balance resources for 2013/14.  No additional fund balance request will be accepted at this time.

**Organizations included in the annual fund - APASU, BSU, Forensics, Kalmekak, MASA, MEChA, NASA, Rainbow Continuum, Socratic Club please continue to submit the on-line form below to receive allocation from the annual fund.

Seeking funding for your recognized student organization?

The Educational Activities Committee (EdAct) is here to help!  The intent of the fund balance is to assist Recognized Student Organizations that have the drive to enhance the University community. Do you want to present an event, launch a new program, help bring a speaker to campus or organize a retreat? If so, we want to support your initiative.

EdAct is a unique budgeting board which allocates funds received from Student Incidental Fees to provide financial support to recognized student organizations at Oregon State University. 


How to apply for funding?


Any questions contact the Educational Activities Chair:


Phone #: 547-737-6351

Contact Information

Please feel free to email, call, or visit us with comments, questions and feedback!

Find us at MU East/Snell Hall, Room 240/241


Brendan Sanders, Chairman (541) 737-6351

Curt Black, Educational Activities Advisor (541) 737-6260

Educational Activities Funding Request

***  Effective March 15, 2014 ***
Educational Activities has allocated all available fund balance resources for 2013/14.  No additional fund balance request will be accepted at this time.

**Organizations included in the annual fund - APASU, BSU, Forensics, Kalmekak, MASA, MEChA, NASA, Rainbow Continuum, Socratic Club please continue to submit the on-line form below to receive allocation from the annual fund.


Educational Activities supports the activities, programs and travel of OSU Recognized Student Organizations. 

We do not fund closed (member only) activities or programs or activities focused on philanthropic outcomes.

All uses of these funds are subject to University and Student Fee Financial regulations and limitations.

All funding requests must be submitted a minimum of four (4) weeks in advance of the event/activity/program.  In addition the following timelines for submission of travel, high risk or complex activities must be followed. Deadlines for submission dates for each term are also provided below.

  • Requests for Travel:
    • Local -  4 weeks in advance
    • Regional/national - 5 weeks in advance
    • International - 15 weeks in advance
  • Activities with a contracted performer or non-OSU vendor -  6 weeks in advance
  • High Risk or Complex Activities (over 400 people, rock music, recreational activities, high cost, youth participation, multiple venues, etc.) -8 weeks in advance
  • Fall Term Activities
    • Requests must be submitted by week 6 of fall term and at least 4 weeks in advance of event/activity/program
  • Winter Term Activities
    • January requests must be submitted by week 9 of fall term
    • All other winter requests must be submitted by week 6 of winter term and at least 4 weeks in advance of event/activity/program
  • Spring Term Activities
    • April requests must be submitted by week 9 of winter term
    • All other spring requests must be submitted by week 6 of spring term and at least 4 weeks in advance of event/activity/program
  • Summer Term Activities
    •  Request must be submitted by Week 9 of Spring Term
Educational Activity funds are limited. All request are reviewed on a first in basis.  No guarantee of funding is made.

Please only include one event per form. If you are planning multiple events during the year, submit a new form for each event.

Of the Requestor

Of the requestor

Describe your organization - include # of members and overall mission and goals.

Example: XYZ Conference Travel, XYZ Club Event, XYZ Advertisement

Select the box that describes what this request is for. Funding for an event like an open house, or for travel like to a conference, or for a publication like advertising.

Provide a detailed description of what you are requesting funding for. Provide as much detail as possible. If the request is for travel, please include a detailed itinerary.

Please address the following. What are the goals of you Event/Program/Activity? How will your Event/Program/Activity benefit your organization and/or and the OSU community? How will you evaluate success?

Start of funding use

End of funding use

The latest date you can receive funding and still hold your event.

Where will the the event/program/activity be held?

How will you promote, advertise or publicize the event/program/activity?

Please indicate the name of any partners, co-sponsors including the role they will play in the Event/Program/Activity as well as any funding they will provide.

How much are you requesting from Educational Activities

Please upload a detailed budget for this request. Upload your own or use the Projected Budget worksheet/template to create one, then upload here. Files must be under 800kb and in one of the following file types - .txt, .pdf, .doc(x), .xls(x), .xml

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SORCE Coordinator

Student Events & Activities Center Overview:

The Student Events & Activities Center (SEAC) provides opportunities for OSU students to Engage in What Matters. The Center focuses on the support and development of students as programmers, leaders and active community members.  The Center’s programs are committed to enhancing the student experience by creating opportunities for students to gain a sense of mattering, belonging and lifetime connection to the OSU community.  The Center promotes tradition, celebration, learning, global engagement, social justice and legacy through activities, initiatives, cultural programming, student organization support, and community participation.

The SEAC SORCE (Student Organization Resources for Community Engagement) program enhances the student experience by  providing  Student Incidental Fee Resources focused to recognized student organizations primarily supporting on-campus out of the classroom engagement that focuses on: Leadership and Organizational Development; Civic Engagement; Global Citizenry; and Community Building and Celebration.

Application Process:

To apply for a SORCE Coordinator position, submit the following through the application form at the end of this page by the application deadline - June 9, 2014 5pm.

  • Resume addressing your related work, service, volunteer, and/or leadership experience
  • Cover letter (no more than 2 pages) describing your interest and fit for a student staff position with SEAC/SORCE
  • An essay (no more than 2 pages) addressing the following:
    • Describe an experience you have had that you believe influenced or impacted your understanding and knowledge of a culture, belief or lived experience different from your own.
    • Tell us about a project, program or activity that you were involved in that shows how you manage details, time, self-initiative and used problem solving and decision making skills to accomplish the outcomes.

SLI Staff Fall Training:

All successful candidates will be required to fully participate in SLI Student Staff Fall Training (September 11-25, 2014) and Winter Training/Retreat (January 2-4, 2015).

Questions?  Contact Robin Ryan, Associate Director for Student Events and Activities | (541) 737-2917 |


Position Description SORCE Coordinator 

Two (2) SORCE Coordinators are hired for the 2014-2015 academic year.  Each Coordinator will lead in supporting allocation, tracking, and assessing use of two unique funds, both approximately  $125,000 of student fee funds.  The Center is looking for responsible, open-minded and motivated students who want to enrich the diverse campus community through civic and global engagement by supporting the success of students and student organizations in the development of the student organizations, student leaders and community; and in the planning, production and hosting of activity on the OSU campus.


  • Hired for 2014–2015 academic year with the expectation of employment during fall, winter, and spring terms.
  • Some summer employment may be available - ideally one individual would be available for aprx 10 hours per week.
  • Term of employment is September 11, 2014 through June 11, 2015
  • Expected to work a range of 10-15 hours (13 avg) each week with some scheduled office hours and some flexible program hours. Hours may exceed 15 hours/week during Student Incidental Fee budget in process and heavy programming periods.Spring term is a heavy programming period.
  • Work evening and weekend hours, as required, to support committee meetings, budget hearings and funded programming
  • Required to attend weekly team staff meetings, staff retreats, staff professional development sessions, individual supervisory meetings
  • Required to fully participate in SLI Student Staff Fall Training (September 11-25, 2014) and Winter Training/Retreat (January 2-4, 2015).
  • Attend MU Inclusive Community Initiative programs and other leadership and social justice training opportunities when possible


General Responsibilities

 Allocation & Expenditure Support:

  • Manage funding application process-data submission, review, consultation, hearing
  • Manage allocation process-budget review, expenditure/purchasing plan, payment processes (Purchase request, etc.), track all purchases, submit all documents for processing to the AABC
  • Facilitate relationships with students and student organizations
  • Create Marketing and Communication Plan
  • Facilitate meetings and budget trainings
  • Contribute to maintaining awareness of  and accountability to SIFC and University funding  guidelines for
  • Support student organization leaders in development of program and activity plan

Program Development, Promotion and Documentation

  • Serve as a peer advisor to promote and educate the student population about the Program
  • Work with the SEA Media and Marketing Coordinator to tell the story of the Program through the Web and Social Media

 Required Qualifications

  • Finance, Business or related academic focus or related financial management experience
  • Demonstrated ability in effective verbal  and written communication
  • Experience engaging traditionally underrepresented identities, such as those based on national origin, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, spirituality/religion, and/or political affiliation
  • Must be an enrolled for at least 6 academic credits at Oregon State University
  • Must be in good academic standing for the term prior to selection and during entire period of employment
  • Must maintain at least a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (undergraduates) or 3.0 (graduates) and be in good academic standing

 Preferred Qualifications

  • Interest in leadership activities, student organizations, event planning, community service and/or outreach activities
  • Knowledge of or experience with event and program planning
  • Demonstrated ability to work individually and collaboratively as part of a team
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and be self-motivated
  • Demonstrated ability to organize work with attention to detail, manage time, and follow through on tasks in a self-directed environment
  • Demonstrated ability to shift one’s approach when working with a variety of organizations and people form diverse cultures, communication styles, histories, and team structures
  • Demonstrated problem solving and decision making skills and ability to find answers to problems creatively and resourcefully
  • Demonstrated ability to balance professional and personal boundaries
  • Bi or Multi Lingual (Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.)


Apply online at Please complete your cover letter, resume, and essay before beginning the application form so that you have these documents ready to upload! Please also be sure you click the arrow in the lower right corner of your screen to submit your application.

Funding Resources

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Funding Resources

Student organization funding may come from many different sources.  Some organizations institute dues or participation fees, host fundraisers or solicit funding from many places including those listed below.  Student organization fundraising activities being held on campus must be reported through the student organization database.  The Student Events & Activities Center can provide ideas for successful fundraisers.

Educational Activities Committee
EdAct is a unique budgeting board which allocates funds received from Student Incidental Fees to assist recognized student organizations that have the drive to enhance the University community. Do you want to present an event, launch a new program, help bring a speaker to campus or organize a retreat? If so, we want to support your initiative. Review funding guidlines and submit an application.
Student Foundation
Student organizations can apply for funding from the Student Foundation. The foundation will consider funding events, equipment purchases, travel, and more. To apply, pick-up an application in the Student Events & Activities Center, MU 103. You can also email or find visit the Student Foundation Website.
If your club or organization is sponsored by a campus department, you may be able to request financial assistance. Some of the key components to a request include showing how the department and students within the department would benefit.
Community Businesses or Organizations
You may want to consider requesting funds from a community business or organization (some examples include grocery stores, CH2MHill, banks, HP, new businesses, restaurants). Sponsorship requests to companies or corporations should be made in writing with a professional quality letter or proposal. Include the purpose of the request, the history of the program, type of recognition offered to donors, and instructions on how to make the gift. It is important to follow-up with an in-person visit.
National Organization
Some student organizations may find national organizations or grants will support their activities. Use your advisor and other professional resources to help locate these opportunities.

OSU Student Foundation

The OSU Student Foundation is a student-led, sponsored student organization dedicated to the growth and advancement of recognized student organizations on the Oregon State University campus. Established in 1973, the Student Foundation is intended to serve the OSU community by:

  • Channeling private funds in the form of small grants to worthwhile student services, organizations, activities, and programs for the direct aid and improvement of OSU and its students.  Funding ranges from cultural events to traveling to conferences.
  • Giving students a better understanding of the need for, and importance of, private financial support so that they may learn to be active donors as alumni.
  • Serving as a resource to the University.

The funds used to support such activities are provided via a grant from the OSU Foundation and occasional fund-raising activities. The Student Foundation Board oversees the distribution of funds, annually allocated by the OSU Foundation.  The Student Foundation Board also acts as ambassadors to the University, attending a variety of events and participating in community service as representatives of the student body.

Looking for funding for your student organization activities?  Interested in joining the Student Foundation to be a part of an exciting and rewarding board? Looking for scholarships for the 2013-14 academic school year?  Applications are available in the Student Events and Activities Center in Memorial Union 103 or can be downloaded below.  Please contact Shashank Bathula ( if you have questions.  Constitution Available Here.


Student Organization Funding Request Application

Board Member Application

Cody Thompson Memorial Scholarship Application


2013 - 2014 Officers

President:  Shashank Bathula

Vice-President:  Kevin Corey

Treasurer:  Nathaniel Berry

Funding Request Director:  Grant Howell

Membership Director:  Kenny Kunisaki

Secretary: Senaida Mehmedovic

Webmaster: Daniel Song

Faculty Advisor:  Michael Henthorne

Managing your Student Organization Account - AABC

Money Management

How you manage your funds is often dependant on your funding source.  For funds that student organizations directly raise through dues, fundraisers, etc, the Auxiliaries & Activities Business Center (AABC) provides access to a student organization Funds in Trust (FIT) account through the Memorial Union Finance Office (MU 215).  For all other funding sources, contact that budget authority to identify appropriate use and documentation of money expendatures.  

The AABC Finance Office provides the following services:

  1. Accepts and records deposits of organization’s funds

  2. Processes requests for checks to pay bill

  3. Issues cash reimbursements

  4. Keeps a running balance of organizational funds

  5. Provides a monthly online statement on the status of your account

  6. Provides cash boxes for student organization events


If you have already set up your MU account, you can access it using the following link:

The trick to accessing this page is that you have to be within the campus firewall (i.e. accessing any campus-networked computer or accessing the campus network remotely). Computers in residence halls, labs, the library, and public spaces (including the MU) should have access to the campus network.

The MU Accounting Office is located in MU 215 and is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. For further information stop by or call 541.737.2306.

Space Reservations

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Memorial Union and MU Quad

The Memorial Union is a central place for several activities on campus. With twelve (12) conference rooms, the MU Lounge, the MU Ballroom, the MU Basement, The Commons, the International Forum and the MU Quad, the Memorial Union is an ideal location to reserve space for events. Reservations can be made up to a year in advance online through MU Guest Services. For major events, this is highly recommended! For resources related to hosting an event in the MU, visit their Event Resources webpage. Questions? Call MU Guest Services at 541.737.2416 or e-mail

General Purpose Classrooms

Academic classrooms and some of the larger lecture halls, such as Milam Auditorium, can be reserved for meetings and/or events. For open events, reserve rooms through University Conference Services. For Closed events (members only), reserve rooms through the Registrar’s schedule desk.  Each term, you will need to contact them at 541-737-2181 or email at to request a CRN number for your organization.  Once you've attained a CRN, you can request classroom space at,spfilter=94835,lbdviewmode=grid

In order to reserve AV equipment in these spaces, contact Media Services at (541) 737-2121 a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the meeting or event.  For a list of available equipment and rental rates, visit

Other Important Information:

  • Reservations are tentative until two (2) weeks prior to the event. Academics are the first priority for classroom space, and if needed, can “bump” student events up to two (2) weeks before the event.
  • Milam Auditorium Use: Milam Auditorium has a special reservation and use policy. There are opening/closing fees and your event might need door control and security services. Food and drink are not allowed in Milam Auditorium.


Athletic Department Buildings

Reser Stadium and the rooms within it, Gill Coliseum, The Valley Football Center, Merritt Truax Indoor Center, and Trysting Tree Golf Club are included among the variety of Athletic Facilities owned by OSU. For reservations and current price lists, please contact the Associate Director of Event Management at 541.737.3577.  This person can support answering your questions about hosting an event in these spaces. For a description of current OSU Athletic Department facilities, please visit


Outdoor Space on Campus

Reservations use for the many outdoor areas, such as lawns and parking lots, on campus are coordinated by OSU Conference Services.  To reserve most outdoor areas on campus and/or to receive information on current pricing, contact OSU Conference Services at 541-737-2402. This includes all campus streets, park and lawn areas, parking lots, patios, malls, etc. (with the exceptions noted below).  For proper and timely consideration, Campus Grounds Use Requests MUST be submitted at least fourteen (14) days before the event date. If using any sort of sound for your event, you will need to fill out the OSU Sound Use Permit section in the Campus Grounds Use request. OSU Conference Services will send the Sound Permit to the appropriate departments and notify your student organization of acceptance. If you wish to have food at your event or need any equipment to make your event successful, please discuss your needs with OSU Conference Services.  

Note: OSU Conference Services is NOT responsible for the following campus grounds:

  • Memorial Union Quad: The MU Quad is reserved directly through MU Guest Services.
  • Valley Library Quad: The Valley Library Quad is NOT AVAILABLE for groups to use unless special approval is given.
  • Intramural Fields:
    • Women’s Intramural Fields are reserved directly by the Department of Public Health and Human Sciences in 123 Women’s Building. Contact this department at 541-737-6783 for more information.
    • Student Legacy Park, Peavy & South Intramural Fields are reserved through Dixon Recreation Center at 541-737-6783.
  • Campus Residential Lawns: Contact University Housing & Dining Services at 541.737.4771


LaSells Stewart Center

The LaSells Stewart Center is a 40,000 square foot conference venue with high tech audio visual capabilities. It is comprised of Austin Auditorium, Construction & Engineering Hall, Giustina Gallery, several breakout rooms, an executive boardroom and additional event spaces.  To see current availability in LaSells, you can visit the LaSells’ reservations calendar.  To make a reservation in LaSells, or for rental pricing, you can contact OSU Conference Services (541-737-2120) at LSC.Services@oregonstate.eduClick here for more information about the LaSells Stewart Center.

CH2M Hill Alumni Center

The CH2M HILL Alumni Center is a beautiful 40,000 square foot meeting and conference facility at Oregon State University. The center is comprised of the 7,000 square foot Cascade Ballroom, multiple breakout rooms and a stunning lobby. The variety of rooms offered at the center allows you the freedom to choose the most suitable space for your event. Whether you are hosting a large regional or national conference or a smaller local meeting or social event, the CH2M HILL Alumni Center will provide the perfect setting for your event.  To reserve space and to get a price quote for the facility, contact the Alumni Center Reservations and Event Coordinator at (541) 737-7869. If you would like to see room capacities and the floor plan for your reservation, please visit

Recreational Sports Facilities

For general information about OSU Recreational Sports visit  Dixon Recreation Center, McAlexander Fieldhouse, Tennis Complex, Peavy Sports Fields, and Student Legacy Park, can all be rented out through Recreational Sports (Rec Sports). In order to reserve a space, you will need to complete and submit a Rental Request Form. Reservations are prioritized based on your relationship to Rec Sports and OSU. This prioritization classification and information necessary to submitting a rental inquiry can be found on the rentals page of the Recreational Sports website. For rental rates, please visit is limited equipment available to use with your rental. Please contact Dixon Recreation Center to see if they can accommodate your equipment needs. Food and beverages are only allowed in the designated lounge areas at Dixon Recreation Center, Stevens Natatorium, and Student Legacy Park. Food and beverages are not allowed in other Rec Sports Facilities. No open drink containers are allowed in any activity area. Water may be carried in squeeze bottles with secure lids into all Rec Sports Facilities. 

Cultural & Resource Centers

There are six (6) cultural and resource centers on the Oregon State Campus. Each of these centers allow students to share their identities in safe, secure environments and have small spaces available for reservation to students at little or no cost. To reserve a space at one of the Cultural or Resource Centers, fill out an online reservation form under “Reservation” at the desired Cultural or Resource Center’s website. You can also call or stop by during office hours. Note: to reserve the Pride Center, please call or visit their space. To learn more about each center, please visit their websites:




  • UHDS
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Websites & Listserves

General Website Hosting Information

Updates for Established Sites

Establishing a Listserve


General Website Hosting Information

In order for your organization’s site to be hosted under the OSU domain at, you must use the Drupal content management system installation provided by Central Web Services (CWS) and use the theme associated with your organization’s classification.

  • Sponsored Student Organizations will have OSU branding in the theme of their site.
  • Voluntary Student Organizations will not have OSU branding in their theme.
  • Non-Affiliated Student Organizations do not qualify for University sponsored web hosting

Due to the number of security vulnerabilities introduced by software installed by groups, CWS does not permit installations of custom software. If you install custom software, your site may be disabled. Also due to policy, custom themes are no longer permitted. Instead, you are encourage to focus on the use of imagery within your site.

Central Web Services provides no-cost training options for Drupal. Details on training courses are available at All materials are available for download and self study from this website. You may also register for in-person courses online at

Step by Step Directions for Requesting Webspace (PDF will open in new window)


Updates for Established Sites

A new domain has been established for student organization websites;, which will mean a change to a recognized student organization’s URL. If you are a recognized student organization and your site currently has one of the following addresses:<name>,<name>, or<name>; the new domain your site will have the following URL:<name>.  Central Webs Services will contact and work with you to transition your current site to the centrally provided site.

If you are a VSO or SSO and your organization’s site is not currently using Drupal, CWS will create a development site for your organization in the new domain and allow you time to transfer your content from your existing site into the new Drupal site.  If your group already has a CWS provided Drupal site, CWS will perform an initial migration of your content from your current install into the SSO or VSO version of Drupal, depending on your organization’s status. You will have the opportunity to verify your content displays correctly and functions properly prior to the removal of your existing site. Once your site has been verified, your old site will be deleted and a redirect will be provided to the new URL for a period of 6 months.

Step by Step Directions for Requesting Webspace Updates (PDF will open in new window)



Once your group has completed the annual registration process, you may want to create a group email listserve to help manage communication with your members. To establish a listserve, go to the OSU Mailing Lists site ( and fill out the on-line listserve request form. For more information on editing your list, including adding or removing members or recoving passwords, visit


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