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Anderson CD, DD Roby, and K Collis. 2004. Foraging patterns of male and female
    double-crested cormorants nesting in the Columbia River estuary. Canadian Journal of
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Anderson CD, DD Roby, and K Collis. 2004. Conservation implications of the large
    colony of double-crested cormorants on East Sand Island, Columbia River estuary,
    Oregon, USA. Waterbirds 27:155-160.
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Anderson SK, DD Roby, DE Lyons, and K Collis. 2007. Relationship of Caspian tern
    foraging ecology to nesting success in the Columbia River estuary, Oregon, USA.
    Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 73:447-456.
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Anderson SK, DD Roby, DE Lyons, and K Collis. 2005. Effects of nest density, location,
     and timing on breeding success of Caspian terns Waterbirds 73:447-456.
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Anthony JA, DD Roby, and KR Turco. 2000. Lipid content and energy density of
    forage fishes from the northern Gulf of Alaska. Journal of Experimental
    Marine Biology and Ecology
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Antolos M, DD Roby, DE Lyons, SK Anderson and K Collis. 2006. Effects of nest
    location and timing on breeding success of Caspian terns. Waterbirds 29(4): 465-472.
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Antolos M, DD Roby, DE Lyons, K Collis, AF Evans, M Hawbecker, and BA Ryan.
    2005. Caspian tern predation on juvenile salmonids in the Mid-Columbia River.
    Transactionsof the American Fisheries Society 134:466-480.
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Antolos M., DD Roby, and K Collis. 2004. Breeding ecology of Caspian terns at
     colonies on the Columbia Plateau. Northwest Science 78:303-312.
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Collis K, DD Roby, KW Larson, LJ Adrean, SK Nelson, AF Evans, NJ Hostetter,
    DS Battaglia, DE Lyons, TK Marcella, and A Patterson. 2012. Trends in Caspian
    tern nesting and diet in San Francisco Bay: Conservation implications for terns and
    salmonids. Waterbirds 35(1):25-34.
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Collis K, DD Roby, DP Craig, S Adamany, JY Adkins, and DE Lyons. 2002.
    Colony size and diet composition of piscivorous waterbirds on the lower
    Columbia River: Implications for losses of juvenile salmonids to avian
    predation. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 131: 537-550.
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Collis K, DD Roby, CW Thompson, DE Lyons and M Tirhi. 2002. Barges as
    temporary breeding sites for caspian terns: Assessing potential sites for colony
    restoration. Wildlife Society Bulletin 30(4): 1-10.
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Collis K, DD Roby, DP Craig, BA Ryan and RA Ledgerwood. 2001. Colonial
    waterbird predation on juvenile salmonids tagged with passive interference
    transponders in the Columbia River estuary: Vulnerability of different salmonid
    species, stocks and rearing types. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
    130: 385-396.
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Courtot, KN, Roby, DD, Adkins, JY, Lyons, DE, King, DT, and RS Larsen.
    2012. Colony connectivity of Pacific Coast double-crested cormorants based on
    post-breeding dispersal from the region's largest colony. Journal of Wildlife Management 76:1462-1471.
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Evans, AF, NJ Hostetter, DD Roby, K Collis, DE Lyons, BP Sandford, and
    RD Ledgerwood. 2012. Systemwide evaluation of avian predation on juvenile salmonids
    from the Columbia River based on recoveries of Passive Intergrated Transponder tags.
    Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 141:975-989.
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Evans, AF, DD Roby, K Collis, BM Cramer, JA Sheggeby, LJ Adrean, DS Battaglia,
    and DE Lyons. 2011. Recovery of coded wire tags on a Caspian tern colony in San Francisco
    Bay: A technique to evaluate impacts of avian predation on juvenile salmonids. North American
    Journal of Fisheries Management 31:79-87.
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Fischer, KN, RM Suryan, DD Roby, and GR Balogh. 2009. Post-breeding season
    distribution of black-footed and Laysan albatrosses satellite-tagged in Alaska:
     Inter-specific differences in spatial overlap with North Pacific fisheries. Biological
142: 751-760.

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Gall AE, DD Roby, DB Irons, IC Rose. 2006. Differential response in chick survival
    to diet in least and crested auklets. Marine Ecology Progress Series 308:279-291.
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Hostetter, NJ, AF Evans, DD Roby, K Collis, M Hawbecker, BP Sandford,
    DE Thompson & FJ Loge. 2011. Relationship of external fish condition to pathogen
    prevalence and out-migration survival in Juvenile steelhead, Transactions of the American
    Fisheries Society, 140:1158-117.
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Jodice PGR, DD Roby, RM Suryan, DB Irons, KR Turco, ED Brown, JF Thedinga,
     and GH Visser. 2006. Increased energy expenditure by a seabird in response to higher
     food abundance. Marine Ecology Progress Series 306:283-293.
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Jodice PGR, DD Roby, KR Turco, RM Suryan, DB Irons, JF Piatt, MT Shultz, DG Roseneau,
    AB Kettle, JA Anthony. 2006. Assessing the nutritional stress hypothesis:
    the relative influence of diet quantity and quality on seabird productivity. Marine Ecology
    Progress Serie
s 325:267-279.
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Jodice PGR, DD Roby, RM Suryan, DB Irons, AM Kaufman, KR Turco, and GH Visser.
    2003. Variation in energy expenditure among Black-Legged Kittiwakes: Effects of
    activity-specific metabolic rates and activity budgets. Physiological and Biochemical
76(3), 375-388.

Jodice PGR, DD Roby, M Antolos, DE Lyons, DJ Rizzolo, SK Wright,CD Anderson,
    SK Anderson, SK Nelson, AE Gall, and L Wennerberg. 2003. Book review:
    Biology of Marine Birds. EA Schreiber and J Burger, Eds. 2002. CRC Press,
    Boca Raton, FL. Auk 120:240-245.
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Jodice PGR, DD Roby, SA Hatch, VA Gill, RB Lanctot, and GH Visser. 2002. Does
    food availability affect energy expenditure rates of nesting seabirds?:
    A supplemental-feeding experiment with black-legged kittiwakes (Rissa tridactyla).
    Canadian Journal of Zoology 80:214-222.

Lyons, DE, and DD Roby. 2011. Validating growth and development of a seabird as an
    indicator of food availability: captive-reared Caspian tern chicks fed ad libitum and
    restricted diets. Journal of Field Ornithology 82(1):88-100.
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Lyons DE, DD Roby, and K Collis. 2007. Foraging patterns of Caspian terns and
    double-crested cormorants in the Columbia River estuary. Northwest Science 81:91-103.
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Lyons DE, DD Roby, and K Collis. 2005. Foraging ecology of Caspian terns in the
    Columbia River estuary, USA. Waterbirds 28(3):280-291.
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Palmer, AG, DL Nordmeyer, and DD Roby. 2001. Factors influencing nest attendance
    and time-activity budgets of peregrine falcons in interior Alaska.
    Arctic 54:105-114.

Roby DD, K Collis and DE Lyons. 2003. Conservation and Management for Fish-Eating
    Birds and Endangered Salmon. USDA Forest Service General Technical Report PSW-GTR-191.
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Roby DD, K Collis, DE Lyons, DP Craig, and M Antolos. 2003. Caspian Tern
    Sterna caspia. Pp. In: Birds of Oregon: A General Reference. DB Marshall,
    MG Hunter, and AL Contreras, Eds. Oregon State University Press, Corvallis.

Roby DD, DE Lyons, DP Craig, K Collis, and GH Visser. 2003. Quantifying the Effect of
    Predators on Endangered Species Using a Bioenergetics Approach: Caspian Terns and
    Juvenile Salmonids in the Columbia River Estuary. Canadian Journal of Zoology 81: 250-263.
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Roby DD, K Collis, DE Lyons, DP Craig, JY Adkins, AM Myers, and RM Suryan. 2002.
    Effects of Colony Relocation on Diet and Productivity of Caspian Terns.
    Journal of Wildlife Management 66(3): 662-673.
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Romano MD, JF Piatt, DD Roby. 2006. Testing the junk food hypothesis on marine birds:
    effects of prey type on growth and development. Waterbirds 29(4):407-414.
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Sheffield LM, AE Gall, DD Roby, DB Irons, and KM Dugger. 2006. Monitoring
     planktivorous seabird populations: Validating surface counts of crevice-nesting auklets
    using mark-resight techniques. Canadian Journal of Zoology 84:846-854.
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Suryan RM, DB Irons, ED Brown, PGR Jodice, and DD Roby. 2006.
    Site-specific effects on productivity of an upper trophic-level marine predator:
    Bottom-up, top-down, and mismatch effects on reproduction in a colonial seabird.
    Progress in Oceanography 68:303-328.
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Suryan RM, DP Craig, DD Roby, ND Chelgren, K Collis, WD Shuford, and D.E. Lyons. 2004.
    Redistribution and growth of the Caspian Tern population in the Pacific coast region of North
    America, 1981-2000. The Condor 106(4), 777-790.
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Suryan RM, DB Irons, M Kaufman, J Benson, PGR Jodice, DD Roby and ED Brown.
    2002. Short-term fluctuations in forage fish availability and the effect on prey selection
    and brood-rearing in the black-legged kittiwake Rissa tridactyla. Marine Ecology Progress
236: 273-287.
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Wright SK, DD Roby, and RG Anthony. 2007. Responses of California brown pelicans to
    disturbances at a large Oregon roost. Waterbirds 30:479-487.
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