Support Archaeology

Contributions from alumni and friends support the research activities of the Pacific Slope Archaeological Laboratory and provide OSU students with wonderful learning opportunities.  Donations help to fund field expeditions, graduate student research projects, and the purchase of laboratory equipment.  


If you are interested in giving to the OSU's Pacific Slope Archaeological Laboratory, you can do so here

Pacific Slope Archaeological Laboratory

Department of Anthropology, Waldo HallThe Pacific Slope Archaeological Laboratory is housed in Oregon State University‚Äôs Department of Anthropology. Our mission is to generate knowledge about the first peoples of western North America by discovering, recovering, and studying key archaeological and geoarchaeological information.  We pursue this mission by working on collaborative and grants-based research projects with state, federal and private partners. We also offer a number of technical services on a fee basis to outside groups pursuing their own archaeological and geoarchaeological problems.