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Stitch-able Soft-Circuits

Instructor: Ken Olsen ($60 materials fee)
Computers surround us and are getting smaller and more powerful all the time. In this class you will build and program a small Arduino compatible stitch-able circuit and then incorporate it into your own fashion or craft item so that it can sense light or touch, blink a light emitting diode, or make music.

Acting & Storytelling

Instructor: Rod Davidson
Actors are storytellers. Whether they are in front of an audience in a theater or in front of a television or movie camera, actors tell stories that are sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, and sometimes fantastical. Learning about acting, and how to tell these stories with confidence, creativity, and charisma will be the focus of this class. Join Hollywood actor Rod Davidson as we explore stories from the past, and those yet to be written. Do you have a story to tell?

East Meets West: Chinese Your Way

Instructor: Luh Jang Chen ($10 materials fee)
Ever wanted to learn Chinese, but felt you needed 10,000 hours of practice and a tiger mom to learn it?  Now is a time to debunk the myth of learning difficult languages.  Luh Jang has been teaching Chinese language and culture at Ashbrook Independent School and brings a wealth of knowledge to this year’s summer program. Chinese your way is taught through an art medium, you being the artist.  Students will be guided through a series of projects including historical to modern Chinese calligraphy written on scrolls, Chinese painting sewn onto sustainable bags, and Chinese cultural song performances.  All projects including videos of performances can be taken-home at the end of the program.  Learn to express yourself through the language of Chinese.

Chemistry - Get Reactive!          

Instructor: David Milner
Let's get reactive! Investigate the nature of chemistry, chemical reactions, and uses of chemistry through experimentation.  Using an OSU teaching lab, we will focus in more detail on the structure of the building blocks of matter; the atom. We will explore what it means to be chemically bonded, what are clues of chemical reactions, heat exchange in reactions, and many other "reactive" topics. Using hands-on laboratory skills, we will explore many different types of chemical reactions, as well as the intensive properties of some elements.

WaterBots: Underwater LEGO Robotics

Instructor: Tuesday Desauliniers
Make a splash in engineering while learning about underwater robotics! Design and build robots with LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits and discover how robotics is changing the world! Learn basic principles of physics and engineering to design, build, test, and redesign your robots that will be able to speed across a pool, maneuver underwater, and pick up objects. You will work in teams to pilot your robots in a series of underwater missions. Throughout the week, special guests will drop by to talk about their personal experiences as an engineer or scientist.

Mumbo Jumbo Mosaics

Instructor: Kathy Jederlinich
The art of mosaic is made up of small pieces of any material that have no meaning unless they are put together. You will have fun doing some paper mosaics, found object mosaics, and broken tile mosaics.  We will be working with cement, and perhaps plaster. You will be encouraged to bring in found ceramic figurines or other items to mosaic. Lastly, and most importantly, you will be working on mosaic pieces for the Benton County Fairgrounds. This will be a permanent mosaic installation at the Fairgrounds. You can bring your family and friends to show them you helped with the creation of a lasting artistic display!  How cool is that!! All of the people contributing are little pieces of the project and, when the pieces are put together, make up the unique community of Corvallis. Mumbo Jumbo!!

Thinking Geographically

Instructor: Libby Morrison
Ever wondered why the landscape is the way it is or why it’s located where it is? Geographers ask this question every day! This course will explore different ways of seeing and understanding land through new technologies including ArcGIS Explorer and the amazing Omniglobe. Students will hone their geospatial skills and learn how to look at landscapes— and our entire planet— in a whole new way.  

Leadership Discovery           

Instructor: Libby Morrison
Start your morning off moving! This course is all about problem solving, teamwork, leadership, and communication through participation. Each day, students will engage in a new activity that will challenge them to work together. So come start the day off right in the Oregon sunshine and don’t forget your closed toed shoes!

ECCC!!  Sensational Science!           

Instructor: Carmen Harjoe
Explorations in Ecology and Evolutionary Concepts - Have you ever wondered what a real scientist does? Here’s your chance to find out! Each week meet different OSU scientists and experience an interactive exploration of their research. From plants to bugs to mammals and more, explore scientific research through fun, hands-on activities and see why scientists get excited about their work!

Fashion Illustration

Instructor: Laura Kane ($20 materials fee)

Do you find yourself sketching on the margins of your notebooks? Do you wish to design your own clothing line? Want to improve your drawing skills? In this class you will learn how to put those ideas down on paper. You will learn about the elements of fit, texture, shading and movement. Explore your own artistic abilities designing your own one-of-a-kind fashions! No previous drawing experience necessary!

Diplomat or Doormat?

Instructor: Jack Standeven
Learn to play this classic game of intrigue, trust and treachery! Team up to form one of seven great European powers in 1900 in an intricate struggle for supremacy. Become a leader and diplomat of Europe as you wheel and deal to out plot the other teams and conquer the map. The board looks a lot like a Risk game board of Europe but with a big difference in how it is played. There is only one army per territory, and there are no dice!  All the moves are done with a little cooperation from other teams to push your opponent off a territory. But watch out because only one can team can win. Can you trust your alliance partner? Can they trust you? Getting betrayed when you least expect it is all part of the fun. Negotiate, persuade, plead, spy, spread false rumors and perhaps offer cookie bribes. After playing Diplomacy you will ALWAYS listen more closely and think more carefully when talking to other people. Form alliances and un-hatch your traitorous plots as you negotiate and outwit in a delicate balance of cooperation and competition to gain dominance of the continent! In Diplomacy, your success hinges not on the luck of the dice, but on your cunning and cleverness!

Off the Wall: 3D Graffiti Design - CANCELLED!!

Instructor: Kathy Jederlinich
Flat paint on two-dimensional surfaces will spring to life in surprising ways in your graffiti-inspired designs.  You will be introduced to 1010, a street artist from Germany, with a passion for surreal figures, and geometric shapes. His colorful layering creates trick 3D imaginary depths that you will learn to do. Another technique you will explore is that of Italian artist, Peeta, known for his 3-D graffiti using poster board. You will use poster board and cardboard to paint and transform written graffiti into complex forms of your own design. Two designs will be completed and can be as big or small as you like. They will look great in your bedroom!

Arduino Bit by Byte

Instructor: Ken Olsen ($60 materials fee)
Like a Jedi apprentice building their light saber, by building and programming your own Arduino computer, you too can master the driving force of the technology revolution. Learn to solder while assembling a working Arduino computer from a kit. Then learn how to program it, starting with a simple blinking light emitting diode and moving on to detecting light, and generating sound. You can then create and program your own unique electronic project to take home.

Words into Wow!

Instructor: Sarah Blount
Look at the world around you and discover endless possibilities for great journalists! Work with an editorial team to put together your own online newspaper by choosing your own multimedia approach to hone your interviewing and story telling skills. Pitch ideas, create video new stories, write investigative articles, fun features and personality profiles, and get the shots that tell it all. At the end of the two week course you will edit the final news piece and show it off on the Web.

Mindstorms/ LEGO Robotics           

Instructor: Tuesday Desauliniers
Create and program LEGO Robots! Learn about “smartbricks” and work with the Mindstorms NXT kits. Start by building a simple robot, practice driving it, and program it to go around obstacles by “reading” touch sensors. Progress to advanced techniques of LEGO Robotics programming and mechanics, and apply your new skills to complete a challenge project. At the end of the course, your robot will have an opportunity to share what it has learned!

Phantastic Physics!

Instructor: Jim Ketter
Are you interested in taming the laws of physics to solve complex problems?  Discover physics in the things of everyday life using OSU Physics Lab facilities and equipment! Work side by side with OSU department instructors exploring advanced topics in the field. Be prepared to participate in new (this year) and different hands-on activities and mind-boggling laboratory projects.

Multi Media Madness!

Instructor: Michael McDonald
Express your ideas visually in this creative, hands-on course. Explore the world of graphic designers where people create the magazines, illustrations, clothing and posters that are seen worldwide. Create your very own unique design projects to take home with you. No prior art or computer experience necessary. All you need is an excitement to create!

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