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About the Professional Faculty Leadership Association (PFLA)

What is PFLA?

PFLA is the Professional Faculty Leadership Association, an organization for Oregon State University, that is concerned about professional faculty issues, is committed to improving our profession, and capturing the skills, enthusiasm, and vision of its members throughout the university.

Our Mission

Providing development, support, and networking opportunities for professional faculty.

Supporting the development of professional and personal leadership and management skills by sponsoring and recommending skill-enhancement activities for its members.

Encouraging discussion and input regarding leadership and management issues.



Our Hero Award

Lisa Silbernagel

Lisa Silbernagel, assistant manager of the Office of Post Award Administration, has been recognized as the Professional Faculty Leadership Association’s May 2015 ‘Our Hero.’

She was presented with a plaque and an ‘Our Hero’ mug by PFLA representatives.

According to co-workers, Silbernagel is not afraid to handle hard challenges or sleuth out and remedy difficult problems. “Lisa is results oriented,” her nominators say. “SHe is detail oriented and always willing to spend her time giving a full explanation over email or over the phone.

An example of Silbernagel’s dedication is even trouble-shooting a student payment issue while she was on vacation, showing her to be the perfect recipient of an “Our Hero” award.



2015-2016 Board Members

President: Deb Weitzman

President-Elect: Gretchen Cuevas

Secretary: Jayne Parker

Treasurer: Edith Birky

Professional Development: Leigh Larkin

Marketing: Debbie Delmore

Membership: Shirley Chow

Website: Tracy Elmshaeuser


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