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Supporting Professional Faculty to better serve OSU.


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Providing OSU Professional Faculty with collaboration, mentoring and leadership opportunities.


Our Hero Award

Tammy Jennings

On December 17, 2015, the Professional Faculty Leadership Association presented to Tammy Jennings, Human Resources Manager in the Health Sciences Business Center, the December 2015 Our Hero award. Tammy was awarded a PFLA signature Our Hero mug filled with chocolate candies and a certificate of recognition for outstanding leadership in HSBC Human Resources.

“Tammy is the greatest,” states Kim Cholewinski, her nominator. Tammy Jennings is kind, knowledgeable, insightful, and treats everyone with genuine respect. The depth and breadth of her experience gives her the ability to quickly and easily come up with solutions and alternatives.

Tammy possesses a strong commitment to University standards and practices, and is highly ethical. These traits ensure that customer products produced by HSBC-HR on behalf of HSBC's customers are professional and polished, contributing to a positive image of the units served by HSBC and to that of the University as a whole. She also participates in work groups related to process improvement, technological enhancements, and upgrades and by doing so she lends a holistic perspective and input. Her tenure at OSU provides her with years of historical knowledge in which she is able to utilize to explain why things are ‘the way they are’ and how they came to be, while ensuring consistency.

Tammy may be a stickler for University standards and practices but she always finds a creative solution, while being sure the solution complies with all applicable laws, rules, policies, etc. She's instilled this state of mind in our entire HR team in the HSBC. She's customer-focused and that is apparent in the decisions she makes and the actions she takes. She's very thoughtful about each situation and always explains to customers why something cannot be done based on a request but what can be done to fulfill that request.

The Professional Faculty Leadership Association congratulates Lynn Greenough as the Our Hero award recipient for October 2015.

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