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OSURA Scholarship

The OSU Retirement Association (OSURA) provides scholarship support to undergraduate students at Oregon State University who are majoring in a subject that contributes to a career promoting healthy aging.

Currently enrolled OSU undergraduate students are encouraged to apply who have completed at least one academic year at OSU with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or better, and have at least one year of study yet to be completed towards their first bachelor’s (B.S./B.A.) degree.

Scholarship awards between $750 and $1,500 per student will be awarded at the OSURA Annual Meeting in May. Funds will be deposited into OSU student accounts for the 2014-15 academic year.

Applications are due Monday, March 3, 2014 by 4:30 PM.

How to Apply:
Please mail (or drop off) all the materials described below in one envelope to the address at the bottom. Incomplete and late submissions will not be considered for the scholarship.   

Include a relevant copy of your current resume.  Please also provide us with your permanent address, phone number and an OSU email address.

Prepare an essay not exceeding 500 words articulating how you plan to promote healthy aging in your chosen career.  Include details of any activities you have completed towards this goal.

Reference Letters
Include letters of reference from two persons (e.g. your academic advisor, a course instructor in your major, etc.) who can address your academic studies, extracurricular school or community activities, and relevant job positions (e.g. paid, internships, volunteer, etc.) relate toward your interest in healthy aging. Please do not use as references- parents, fellow students, former high school teachers, etc. Submit the references in sealed envelopes with the individual’s signature crossing the flap and the body of the envelope.

Attach an unofficial grade transcript of all your completed university work.

Submit Materials
All of the above material must be submitted (mailed or delivered) by Monday, March 3, 2014 to:
    OSURA Scholarship Committee Chair
    205 Adams Hall
    Corvallis, OR 97331

Call 541-737-4717 or send an email: OSURA@oregonstate.edu

Established in 2002, the Oregon State University Retirement Association (OSURA) promotes collegial ties among all OSU retirees and between the retirees and the university community. OSURA provides opportunities for ongoing intellectual growth, social interaction, volunteerism, and service to the University and is a knowledgeable advocacy in support of retirees and the University.


2013-2014 Scholarship Award Recipients

OSURA 2013-14 Scholarship Recipients

Pictured from left to right:

Tom Savage, 2013 Scholarship Chair; Deepthika Ennamuri Biochemistry/Biophysics (Honors College); minor Psychology student; Alexander Boyd Pre-Pharmacy (Honors College) student; Claire Ostertag-Hill Biology, International Studies in Biology, Psychology (Honors College);minor Chemistry student; David Shumway Biology, certificate Medical Humanities (Honors College) student; Kaitlyn Traynor General Science (Pre Dentistry), minor Chemistry student; Roy Arnold, Scholarship Chair-elect for 2014. 

To learn more about OSURA's scholarship recipients, click here.


Past Scholarship Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right:

Tom Savage, Scholarship Chair-elect for 2013; Alejandra Marquez Loza, Bio Resources Research student; Minhazur Sarker, Microbiology (Honors College) student; Elizabeth J. Ragan, Anthropology-Biocultural Option, Public Health student; Jackson Olson Dougan, Biology-Chemistry-International Studies in Biology (Honors College) student; Jean Peters, Scholarship Committee. 

Not pictured: Katie Vaughn, Interior Design student and scholarship recipient and John Block, Chair, Scholarship Committee.


2012-2013 Scholarship Award Recipients

The May 2012 Annual meeting of OSURA was good news indeed for another group of OSU students.

A total of $5,000 was awarded to four students in the general theme of ‘Promoting healthy aging’. There were 68 applications this year. OSURA's scholarship program is one of the most successful activities because of its impact to the university and involvement of our members.

The following are short biographical sketches on the awardees: 

Jackson Olson Dougan 

Jackson a junior from Hood River, OR with majors – Biology, Chemistry, International Studies (Biology) in the Honors College with specializations in Advanced Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry and a minor in Spanish. …I look forward to a career in medicine and promoting healthy aging through treatment, prevention, education, and cross-cultural communication. 

Alejandra Marquez Loza

Alejandra is a junior majoring in Bio Resource Research and comes to OSU from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Alejandra’s thesis research is being conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Kathy Magnusson , Dept of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine. “After graduating from OSU, my career goals include obtaining an MD and Ph.D in neuroscience.”

Elizabeth (Lizzie)  J. Ragan

Lizzie is a junior with double majors– Anthropology with a Biocultural option and a major in Public Health with an option in Health Promotion and Health Behavior. ….I hope to direct my career to improving the healthy outcomes of women. By improving maternal health, I will be working directly toward the promotion of future healthy aging populations” 

Minhazur Sarker

Minhazur a junior Honors College Scholar in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry and he hails from Corvallis. Minhazur is a student researcher in Dr. Manoj Pastey’s lab (College of Vet Medicine) where he is attempting to determine the function of a novel HIV viral protein associated with replication.  …I believe the key to healthy aging is research and a switch to preventative health care.  I will not promise to be the best physician at promoting preventative care but I do promise to be the best physician I can be at promoting preventative care. My best is the only promise I will make.” 

Kalie Vaughn

Kalie is from Silverton, OR. She transferred to OSU from Chemeketa CC with an AAOT Transfer degree. Kalie is majoring in Interior Design/Housing Studies; minoring in Business, and will also earn a certificate in Gerontology...Since I was very young I have always been interested in houses and interior spaces. I hope to combine my certificate in gerontology with my interior design skills to help those who are aging in place and as well as make homes more accessible for people with disabilities.

Past OSURA Scholarship Recipients

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