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Intergroup Dialogue

Intergroup Dialogue

Intergroup Dialogue

Intergroup Dialogues are 9-week sustained learning communities carefully structured to explore social group identity, conflict and community. Participants will engage in the analysis and understanding of issues of diversity and social justice, as well as build practical skills to communicate across difference. Skills acquired through our program have multidisciplinary applications and are employable in diverse environments and among diverse populations.

Two dialogues will be offered during winter 2014. One dialogue will involve identity groups defined by race & ethnicity, and the second will focus on sexual orientation and sexual identity. Each identity group is represented in our dialogues by a balanced number of participants from each group. Trained facilitators, one from each represented identity group, orchestrate a diverse curriculum in an effort to encourage dialogue rather than debate.

Participants can expect to examine and discuss reading materials that address issues and experiences relevant to the groups in their dialogue, in relation to both the university setting and general society. Facilitators and participants explore similarities and differences among and across groups, and strive toward building a more socially just and inclusive community.

Mission Statement

Intergroup Dialogue seeks to engage faculty and staff in building a more socially just and inclusive community through sustained and meaningful dialogue. As we explore topics that influence our communities we develop skills to work and communicate effectively across difference.

As a result of participating in Intergroup Dialogue, you will be able to...

  • observe and analyze experiences of others different from yourself.
  • observe and analyze systems that affect the experiences of others.
  • effectively communicate with people different from yourself.
  • recognize your personal beliefs and values and how they impact others.
  • critically analyze your roles and responsibilities within the University as they relate to diverse groups.

History and Resources

Grounded in curriculum researched and practiced through the University of Michigan, Intergroup Dialogue at OSU builds upon 25 years of development and practice from colleges and universities across the United States. Oregon State University launched its first offerings of Intergroup Dialogue the spring term of 2013, and looks forward to the continued development and expansion of our program.

Links to similar programs and/or scholarly articles 

Campus Partnerships

Intergroup Dialogue is made possible by the collaborative design and coordination of several campus partners, including:

  • The Office of Equity & Inclusion
  • University Housing & Dining Services
  • Intercultural Student Services

The Winter 2014 Dialogues are also made possible thanks to a partnership with Student Leadership and Involvement.


Available Dialogues for the Winter 2014 term include

  • Intergroup Dialogue on Race & Ethnicity
    (Tuesdays, 2-4pm*, January 14th - March 11th, Location: Memorial Union)

 *Please note that the dialogue on Tuesday, February 11th is scheduled from 2-6pm

  • Intergroup Dialogue on Sexual Orientation & Sexual Identity
  •    (Wednesdays, 3-5pm**, January 15th – March 12th, Location: Memorial Union)

 **Please note that the dialogue on Wednesday, February 12th is scheduled from 3-7pm

The Intergroup Dialogue curriculum is structured to develop and maintain meaningful relationships among the participants. Because of the brevity and nature of our program, we are unable to accommodate pre-planned absences. Facilitators will negotiate emergencies with their participants.


The deadline for applications has passed.

Why must I apply?

Intergroup Dialogue is enhanced by diverse voices; accordingly, we encourage the inclusion of multiple identities and perspectives. For example, a dialogue on Race & Ethnicity is typically comprised of distinct identity groups including people of color, white people, and multi-racial people who also bring unique experiences regarding social class, religion, nationality, ability, and other ideologies. 

It is not our intention to suggest that members of the same identity group share the same perspective; rather, it is our aim to encourage communication across a rich variety of differences while sharing some broad group memberships to enhances learning and dialogue. The placement form above helps us construct inclusive courses.

Contact Information

For more information about the Intergroup Dialogue, please contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

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