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Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policies


Oregon State University policy prohibits any act that either in form or operation, and whether intended or unintended, unreasonably differentiates among persons on the basis of a protected status.  This definition reserves to the University, in furtherance of its educational mission, the right to address conduct that would not necessarily be unlawful.  It is not intended to create individual or group rights, whether contractual or otherwise, that do not exist under existing law.

Discriminatory Harassment

Oregon State University policy prohibits behavior based on another's protected status that is sufficiently severe or pervasive that it has the effect, intended or unintended, of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work or academic performance because it has created an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment and would have such an effect on a reasonable person of that individual’s status.

This policy is not intended to and will not be applied in a way that would violate rights to academic freedom and freedom of expression.

Protected Status

Oregon State University, in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status in any of its policies, procedures, or practices.

Complaint Procedures

The Office of Equity and Inclusion handles complaints of discrimination and discriminatory harassment.  Please see the section on complaint procedures for additional information. If you have questions about discrimination or harassment please contact us for further guidance.

Additional Information

OSU's Commitment

Oregon State University, as an institution of higher education and as a community of scholars, affirms its commitment to the elimination of discrimination and discriminatory harassment, and the provision of equal opportunity for all. An objective of Oregon State University is the creation and maintenance of a positive atmosphere of nondiscrimination in every phase and activity of university operations.

Harassment and intimidation can impede an individual's ability to participate fully in the educational process. Acts of discrimination, harassment and insensitivity hurt and degrade all members of the campus community whether victim, perpetrator, or observer. Every member of the university community is responsible for creating and maintaining a climate free of discrimination and harassment.

Efforts to Address Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment

Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment are unacceptable at Oregon State University. In order to prevent and respond to such conduct, university employees and representatives will:

  • Work to prevent discriminatory acts from occurring through policies, statements, educational programs and courses, awareness-raising efforts, and training programs;
  • Actively work to promote a campus climate and work environment that is open to and welcomes all persons;
  • Promptly and clearly speak out against such actions when they occur;
  • Model the type of civilized and respectful behavior that is expected of all persons at Oregon State University (e.g., supervisor to employee, co-worker to co-worker, dean and chair to faculty, advisor to student leader, student leader to student, student to guest);
  • Resolve disputes and misunderstandings in a respectful and open manner befitting a university, through the use of discourse, mediation, and education where appropriate;
  • Routinely record and publicize, within legal guidelines and with respect for privacy and confidentiality, all reported incidents of discrimination and harassment on the OSU campus and at university-sponsored activities and facilities.


Oregon State Police/OSU Department of Public Safety
541-737-7000 (Emergency), 541-737-3010 (Non-Emergency)
Provides emergency assistance for survivors, protection, and safety consultation. Utilizes a comfortable and safe room with experienced

Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center
541-737-2030 or survivoradvocacy@oregonstate.edu
311 Plageman Building
Available from 9:00am to 6:00pm and hotline support after hours. Provides crisis stabilization and support for survivors of sexual violence. The advocate can assist in providing desired referral, help with academic and social remedies, safety planning, and give support by accompanying survivors through reporting and medical procedures.

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