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Accelerated Search Policy for Unclassified Positions


A Business Center Human Resources Manager may authorize an accelerated search when:

  1. an immediate need to fill a position exists or,
  2. a position to be filled has a narrow constituency or focus of  accountability, or
  3. recruiting candidates for a position requires strict confidentiality;


  4. the manager determines an accelerated search is in the best interests of the University, and
  5. the selection process proposed is consistent with the guidelines established in these procedures.

An accelerated search is not a routine substitute for a regular search and approval to conduct an accelerated search shall be granted only in exceptional cases.


An accelerated search includes the basic requirements of a regular search: inviting candidates to be considered for the position; conducting outreach to women and people of color; considering all qualified candidates; and selecting the best qualified person for the position.

An accelerated search may differ from a regular search by:

  1. shortening the time frame for inviting applications  (2 weeks or less); and
  2. limiting the distribution of the announcement of the opening; and/or
  3. collecting/considering and dispositioning applications outside the online application system; and/or
  4. narrowing the participation of the search committee; and/or
  5. focusing on identifying one finalist to be interviewed.


An accelerated search does involve a search committee, usually consisting of 3-7 members, who typically

  1. participate in reviewing the position qualifications and recruitment plan,
  2. engage in focused outreach recruiting,
  3. discuss principal considerations in the screening process,
  4. review and provides input regarding the qualifications of the top 3-5 candidates including the finalist(s) to be interviewed as identified by the hiring official,
  5. participate in the interview(s) of the finalist(s) for the position,
  6. provide assessment of  strengths and weaknesses to the hiring official.


(Revised 12 July 2012)

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