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What is U-Engage?

U-Engage is an elective, 2-credit course designed to help first year students explore a current real-world issue or compelling question of interest. In a small class environment, new students built strong relationships with their instructor, peer leader, and classmates while engaging in interactive learning.  Additionally, students gain information about campus resources and support available on campus and how these services can enhance their education.

Check out the awesome topics being offered in Winter 2015!

Untold Stories: Histories of People of Color in Oregon- Janet Nishihara and Kim McAloney, CRN 39905, TR 10-10:50

Have you ever wondered about the histories of people of color in Oregon or why you haven’t heard their stories?  As a class, we’ll uncover stories such as how slaves were brought to Oregon with the promise of freedom, the internment of American citizens of Japanese descent, the displacement of tribal communities in the name of “progress,” and the exploitation of Mexican labor through the Bracero program.  We’ll use OSU and community archives and talk with local historians and community members to uncover and research the real untold stories.  Authors of some of our readings will join our conversations to help us understand why and how they did their research.  As a class, we will attend campus and community events and possibly visit local historical sites and societies and watch films such as The First Oregonians, Turbans, and Local Color to help explore this subject more.

Coming of Age Through Humorous Narratives: Welcome to Adulthood- Clint Edwards, CRN 39904, MW 4-4:50

Growing up is full of contradictions: love and loss, success and failure, discovery and boredom. Great authors have been laughing about their coming-of-age for years. In this class, we will explore the humorous side of the coming-of-age narrative by reading and discussing memoirists such as David Sedaris, Steve Almond, and Diana Joseph. We will deconstruct the elements of their stories. Then we will draft and create our own humorous coming-of-age stories. Most importantly, we will learn to laugh at the crazy transition between adolescence and adulthood, something many OSU students are in the throes of right now. This class will definitely interest English and writing majors and anyone willing to laugh at life.

Global Warming and You- Ed Brook, CRN 39903, TR 3-3:50

Is the earth getting warmer?  If so, should we be doing anything about it, and what?  This class will examine the historical and geological evidence for global warming, the factors that control earth’s climate and how they may be changing, what the future may hold, and whether or not geo-engineering of climate is a good idea.  Field trips, discussion, data analysis, and investigation of current science will introduce students to the study of global warming, real live glaciers, ocean acidification, programs in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, and techniques and resources for research at OSU.  We will also talk about how to get involved in undergraduate research, get your professors to pay attention to you, and achieve your goals at OSU. 


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