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Network Engineering

Oregon State University
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Network Backups for College/Department Servers

Client Software Documentation
Linux (Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE, Turbolinux, Debian) RPM/DEB (8.1 sp1)
AMD64 Linux (Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE, Turbolinux, Debian) Networker 7.6sp3 RPM/DEB installation
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Networker 7.6sp3 installation
Windows XP-64/Server 2003-2008r2 64bit (not for IA chip base systems) Networker 7.6sp3 for Windows 64 bit Installation
Solaris 2.x, 7, 8, 9, 10 7.6sp3 Package Installation
MS SQL Module (win_x86_5.2sp2)

Release Notes
Oracle Module Solaris version (5.0) Install

Command Reference Guide
Networker 7.6sp3 Release Notes Release Notes
Networker 7.6sp3 Admin Guide Admin Guide

Alerts for EMC Networker products click here
Release and EOSL Dates Networker and Modules

Network Engineering provides backups for servers on-campus using Legato Networker. Currently, we are licensed to backup most versions of Windows, Linux and Unix.

The sysadmin for the box is responsible for installing and configuring the Legato client, and being familiar with backup strategies and recovery procedures. Please see the Legato Disaster Recovery Guide for detailed information.

Questions about the backup service should be directed to net (at) For after-hours emergency assistance with restores, contact oncall person by using 7-help.

Request Backup Service

If you are interested in using this service, please fill out the backup request form.

Service Details

Our backup server is a Sun V440 running Solaris 10 and Legato Networker 7.6sp3

As of March 2009 we purchased a Data Domain 580 appliance with 20tB of usable disk. This is working much better. You will see faster restore speeds on the servers currently backed up to the dd580 appliance. The plan is to get enough disk to backup all servers to disk rather than tape.

Jan 2010 we added Overland NEO 2000E LTO4 fiber channel tape drives to replace the Spectra Logic. Because of age and the fact that Sony has decide that AIT 5 was the last release of media. So it was cheaper to down size the library rather than install AIT5 drives and buy media. The LTO4 more than double the capacity of data per cartridge.

The charge for backups is $50/client/month and .25 cents per GB of data backed up in a month. The per client fee covers our overhead costs, including licensing, FTE and hardware replacement. The per GB fee covers the cost of new tapes.

Our window for backups is to start every night at midnight. Full backups are generally scheduled to happen on weekends to avoid impacting customers. Sysadmins may choose what type of backup schedule they prefer.

Installing the Client

When installing the client, make sure to specify the Networker server name as:

Using Networker - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install or use the client software?
Follow the links in the table above to the Networker documentation for your platform. Also, you should read the Legato Disaster Recovery Guide and be familiar with what is involved in restoring your server.

Why am I getting this error when I run the Legato client? If you get an error message when trying to open the Networker user program saying that the server cannot be found, or that the media database cannot be opened, you will need to specify the backup server to use like this:

Windows: c:\program files\nsr\bin\winworkr.exe -s
Linux/Unix: /usr/bin/recover -s

What do I do if I need help with a restore?
During normal working hours, send mail to Backup Admins. If you need assistance with an emergency restore during off-hours, page us by contact oncall person by using 7-help. We can temporarily disable the nightly backup process if it's using up all available drives, for example. Or, if you need to be able to restore to another host, or quickly have a host added to Networker, we can help you out.

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