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Training, Help & Support - Google Apps for OSU

Google Apps Training, Help and Support

Get up and running using OSU's Helpdocs website


Basic help on logging into Google Apps for OSU and guidelines for best practices will be found on OSU's Helpdocs website. These help documents will then link to Google’s support for detailed how-to instructions.


The OSU Computer Helpdesk will support Google Apps for OSU. If you experience issues with the opt-in email migration, or have a question on how to share a document in Google Docs, call them or send them a message.


The Google Implementation Team provided in-person training for employees from May 2013 through January 2014. Archive of past training sessions.

Sessions included:

  • Google Apps for OSU: The Essentials (session presentation)
  • Google Drive & Google Sites
  • Calendaring at OSU


Google Apps may be accessed using assistive technology. Some persons may prefer to access the native, web-based apps using a browser and screen-reader software such as JAWS, while other persons may prefer to use third-party clients to bypass the web interface. See more in Accessibility & Google Apps.